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Continues for a second day in Venezuela. As opposition leader one Widodo calls for more protests as he hopes to oust the nation's disputed president. The opposition leader is calling for a major demonstration. He wants more than just demonstrations yesterday for the first time he called for a military uprising against this government to drive out nNcholas Maduro. Fox's Steve Harrigan. This is Fox News. I spoke cigarette for lunch after lunch now that I'm talking about it. I kind of feeling like loss about four hours of every day. I decided I needed to find alternative. So I started looking in jewel came up. I did both for awhile. It eventually switched over. It's very click me made this witch July twenty fifteen make this which at J U, L dot com. Warning this product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemicals report sponsored by compassion international. Right now, there's a child living in extreme poverty with no future. And no hope but you can bring hope when you.

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