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If you'll life. I'm Emma goes swell. It's time now to from Richard. Well, I sort of knew I was different about the age of seven. The was this real feeling. I kind of like heart touch -ment with the boys. It certainly wasn't sexual at any way shape or form an emotional attachments. And I kind of this strong sense that you know, I was kinda different from the kids because of the way I felt on remember seeing I'm not sure what TV show it was. It was a TV show on in which one of the characters allowed came out of his family. And it was a comedy show and his family were all kind of like making fun of him and stuff. But I remember when he set the way I thought that's why I'm now. On on the show, the the with they us was home. Oh, so I thought. Yeah. That's me. I'm a homo because he's talking about kind of liken or the guys and stuff. I again, it wasn't sexual highest. It was it was very much about feelings feelings falls as someone of the same gender kind of knew that I was in primary school and at the same time. I knew to keep it quiet. I just every instinct told me to keep it quiet because people would understand people wouldn't get it. It's almost like it was like something that fell so not true to meter have to hide whether other people getting bulletins, the problem is literally people saying things, I think what was happening with some of the boys in schools that they were being called names. So like, they would be called to female names, and those female names were kind of casting aspersions to the. Sort of sexual identity United so still at home, I was homo and queer and bans and that kind of stuff is being used on the playground. I think also part of not wanting to tell anybody was knowing that it was out of the normal, and I really really wanted to fit in. I wanted to be like a regular cket. I didn't wanna stand out. I didn't want to stick out from from the ordinary, and the main reason for that is because you know, a guy both my parents are from the east coast of Africa. And you know, I was born in the UK, and I just really wanted to fit in..

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