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One of the more interesting things in that conversation with Keith Jones was discussion of the Philadelphia. Flyers alumni Elliott. You have a couple of thoughts on that. Do. The key thing is the teeth is correct about is that Ron Hextall lost a job because the team wasn't playing well vite their reasons why you become vulnerable. If you get to that point. And the stuffy talked about about the alumni I've heard that was a big deal, and I'm surprised because you'd think of Ron Hextall he embodies what the flyers were. I mean, he was the fighting goalie and goalscoring goal the goal. Well, I remember sometimes the fights more than the goal scoring. But that's who he was like, you think if anybody would fit the flyer mold and be what they are supposed to be it would be Ron Hextall. But you know, there were a few moves over the. And you talked about the John paddock one. There was Neil. Little a longtime flyer scout who was let go in two thousand fifteen. There was Joe Mullen who was let go assistant coach in two thousand seventeen and they also have a scout. There named Al hill who is still employed by the team, but he was demoted from what I understand all of those changes upset the people in the organization who were flyer alumni. I don't know if they were deserved or not. But they just didn't like that they happened or the way they were handled or something about it bothered them. And that to me is the weirdest part of the story because you would think that Ron Hextall would fit in seamlessly with the flyer alumni, but the same complaints is, you know, existed with Bob Gainey in Montreal and Gainey was as Canadians as it gets captain of the team one of their best players. But there were people who complained he didn't treat the alumni. Very well and his last time as Canadians general manager. So it's not why Hextall was fired. And I understand he was very surprised by it. But it sounds like it was very much an issue which team does it the best in your estimate. I've always said the Canadians. Do it really well, but the one thing about the flyers. It's interesting in the whole Lindros thing in Paul home was a guy who probably have the most to do with putting that back together. There were people who ripped Ed Snider for the way he handled it, and that's fine. But the one thing a lot of Ed Snyder's supporters said was there is nobody who treats former flyers better than Ed Snider does Keith Primo once told me story that when he was told by a doctor you can't play anymore..

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