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Got some exciting stuff going on here. We just did an interview with Phil Robertson of duck tiny Triarc, all my goodness. Who's the patriarch? You just measure the beard. It is twenty four years longer than the longest beard among his sons. Yes, huge. But I love that man. And do we put that on YouTube? So you can actually go to the Metaxas. Show channel we're going to be putting some of this stuff up on YouTube. It's supposed to be available only to Metaxas. Sewers of Scribner's. If you wanna get everything you go to Metaxas. Super we can go to Metaxas talk dot com and click on the super thing, whatever. But it's like pennies a day, and it's worth it. But Phil Robertson takes the cake right now. However, we're going to be talking to cardinal zen of Hong Kong about the Catholic church in China. And I thought you know, what? I need some before I talked to then I need to talk to John's mirror, and we figured out a way to reach him with the telephone. Oh, he's got a telephone. We got a telephone Graham Bell's folly, we said we're gonna we're gonna try. We're going to figure it out. Yeah. And I think he's on the line now. Joe Johns Mirek come in John, Eric how you you sound like you're right in Texas. That's amazing. How do you do that? Listen, I want to ask you several questions as usual, I fault. It's great to hear your voice at least once a week. Oh, by the way, I got to tell people I was just on with Sebastian Gorka. He's having me on once a week on his radio program, and it's doing so well that it's threatening the ratings on this program. Yes. I can stop doing that. But anyway. Tonight's a state of the union. I wanna talk to you about that, John. But I want to ask you first of all just give us a one minute who is cardinals. Then because he came to me through you on your recommendation, and if the interview doesn't go, well, you're going to take the heat. Well, thank thanks. Sure is is a heroic Representative of the real church in China. And I mean church in the broad sense of Catholic Protestant orthodox those who believe in Jesus Christ. And who believe Christianity something that is independent of the government that is not part of the world. But that stands a thwart the world and challenges worldly power on behalf of the gospel. And he he's a Catholic cardinal from Hong Kong and remember Hong Kong used to be free of China used to be part of Great Britain. It was swallowed by China in nineteen hundred. Ninety seven. The Catholic church in China with essentially outlawed in nineteen forty eight when Mao Tse Tung took over the country of brutal civil war, and the remaining Catholic missionaries, and those who had converted, and, you know, built up the church in China were persecuted went to prison camps mouse, set up a puppet organization called the Chinese Patriotic Association that was consisted of basically people willing to collaborate. Maybe they've been beaten down in prison camps. But they set up this. This this puppet church that would try to corral all the Catholics in China. On behalf of the communist party. Let me let me just interrupt to say. In case, anybody wonders, whether communism is satanic, and whether you should therefore be suspicious mightily suspicious of socialism. All you need to know. Is that communism which spawned socialism, communism, tortured, Christians, and if you collaborated with them they played ball with you. It is right out of the pit of hell when you hear what the communist regime did to Christians in the Soviet Union and in China, especially under Mao Tse Tung, it is so evil, and I just want people to understand there has been real evil in this world in history. And part of the reason I do the program is I want I want everyone to know this. We're talking about satanic evil, really horrifying evil. We're not talking about people saying why if you want to be Christian, you can't get a job if you want to be Christian. We will torture you and your family, and so you're right, John when he described somebody like cardinals Zana's heroic, I want people to know that the man that's going to be on this program in a few minutes is one of the few real heroes. So just a few more words on him. I wanna talk about the state of the union. Yeah. I and pope Francis. Has just signed a deal with the Chinese government legitimising that communist front group as the real Catholic church in China. And and the Catholics who don't really know who've been resisting for all. These decades are now out in the cold. They're being told to go ahead and obey the the people who they regarded as traitors just a few weeks ago. Now, why do you think the pope did that you can have cardinals and his opinion? I think he's a former cardinal. He's going to be more careful you could say. Yeah. I think pope Francis is sympathetic to the political and economic system in China. And I think he wants to our by the church with China against the United States, the west of capital. That's my theory. Not that he's the anti Christ or anything. Okay. Let's move on to something you're supposed to be intelligent and appealing. I forgot about that. I forgot you're right. You're right. My bad my bad, and it's still not kissing. You're right. It's called dead air. Did he faint journalists? Let me listen to me the Beagles will revive you. Eventually. No, I'm sorry. I had I had a glitch in my phone. No. That's okay. It's good. It's good. It created drama tension. People are wondering what happened. I know you're talking about the anti Christ. And suddenly. I mentioned Kissinger in the year window dead. Okay. Listen to. Battery battery on my cordless died and just got a couple of minutes. I want to say that. Tonight is the state of the union. I'm going to be on Twitter. Talking about how Nancy Pelosi will grind her teeth. She's going to be seated obviously right behind the president. Instead of Paul Ryan. Or whoever might be on our side. The new speaker, of course, is going to be grinding her teeth. It's what she does or shifting her dentures. It's going to be a drama. I mean, I'm joking, but it's serious like it's gonna be weird drama tab her sitting right behind him. A lot of people are going to tune in for the draw. Well, I'm going to I'm going to tune in. And I'm going to be tweeting about it. I know John's miracle will be tweeting about it any thoughts on what he's going to do the president tonight. Why heard he's going to have a major pro-life activists present behind, you know, there with him and the audience, and I certainly hope he takes the opportunity to point up how the Democratic Party is falling in behind infanticide. If you want your baby, you can keep your baby. And if not we'll take them out and get rid of them. You know, what it reminds me of like, the one the slave owners would say like, hey, if you don't it's like slavery. Just don't buy one. Let's just let us do what we want. And if you don't wanna slave don't you just turn the channel choice. Okay. I've got a piece about that extreme dot are called. Abortion in America will end badly as slavery debt. And and I hope we can talk about it soon. Because I think what's going to happen is going to be similar what happened in slavery. We're gonna come up with a miserable compromise. I think that that. The crowd the piece you wrote was specially brilliant. And I posted it on Facebook and on Twitter, and it gets a lot of attention. Your stuff always gets a lot of attention as it should weaken. Let's talk about that next week because this issue's not gonna go away, and yours is a very broad. It's an interesting perspective, frankly, and I think we'll be controversial even among pro-lifers. It's very interesting. So let's not go there for for now. But let me let me ask you the most important question of all did, you know that my pillow dot com sponsors this program? I did. And I think that sounds like a great company. All right. Let me just tell you something we're gonna need more enthusiasm from. I suspect I suspect you might not sleep on my pillow. Or maybe you're Beagles. Don't have a my pillow pet bed. Is that is that possible bear culpa? Yeah. Okay. John here. Here's the issue. Listen, we're here to take care of these problems. It's why we're here. We're here for that. Pillows dot com now offers pet beds. Okay. Do you understand your pet will never wake up? Again. This stuff is so powerful because he has engineered this stuff that your pet will slip into a coma. And you won't even know it. And I'm telling you, Mike Lindell needs to pull the technology back because it's causing problems people are losing jobs and stuff they just sleep and sleep. It's very very high..

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