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Robin Young and I'm Tanya mostly, And on this inauguration day, it's here now. Joseph Robinette Biden Junior do solemnly swear that I will faithfully exit President Biden was sworn in today as the 46, president of the United States with a call for unity, and he addressed those who did not support him. While those who did not support us let me say this. Here me out as we move forward. Take your measure Me and my heart. If you still disagree, so being that's democracy. That's America. The right to dissent peaceably when the guard rails of our republic is perhaps this nation's greatest strength. You hear me? Clearly? This agreement must not lead to this union. I pledge this to you. I will be a president for all Americans. Oh, American Vice President elect Kamila Harris was sworn in as the first woman and first Black and South Asian American vice president. This is two weeks to the day after an insurrection by mostly white pro trump extremists. And just a day after the country marked 400,000 deaths from the coronavirus, Let's bring in NPR political reporter Juana Summers, who joins us now from Washington Welcome Leather. Wanna? The president called for the ending of the uncivil war. That's in his words that pits red against blue and rule versus urban what stuck up to you most about his speech. Yes. So as a politician, President Biden is someone who has made the challenge of unity of bringing people together. Ah, hallmark of his campaigns, and that was certainly on display here. It was very evident and the words that he very deliberately chose. He saw it in the speech to begin the process of bringing healing and unity to an incredibly fractured nation. I believe he described this as a historic moment of crisis and challenge. He made clear that Americans are united in the same fight against these swirling crises that the country faces in terms of the corona virus pandemic that has killed so many Americans. The economic challenges that have so acutely felt by so many of us As well as the ills of racism and racial unrest that we have seen play out that this country has been reckoning with for some time but very powerful Lee this year. He clearly wants to be someone who is a president, he said. For all Americans And you mentioned the economy. He started with the economic fall out from the pandemic. Let's listen. Millions of jobs have been lost. Hundreds of thousands of businesses closed. Cry for racial justice. Some 400 years in the making moves us..

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