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Making sense of it all having some fun Frances this is mark Lee van Damme and robin thank you so much for being here the Barclay van Kampen robin show I'm Jamie Markley that they were van camp there Scott Robbins well some people earlier this week we're thinking World War three is all on I am a good part of that was because of the media and the freak out before all the facts well that's the danger when you decide to go ahead and spread a Ronnie and propaganda yeah so here we are a little later in the week now and it seems like most people have calmed down but it's the aftermath of what has transpired between the United States and Iran over the last several days David yes well and so you know because Iran fired some missiles at a couple about post in a rock and you know there there's been a prevailing theory that that perhaps they knew they were going to kill any Americans because they really didn't want to my parents came out today and said no that's not the case they were shooting to kill the president spoke about it a little bit this morning about what's going on with Iran and here's what he had to say Iran when an ad they hit us with missiles should have done that but they had us fortunately for them nobody was hurt nobody was killed nothing happened they landed for very little damage even to the base they landed but we had a chance to take out a monster we took him out and it should have been done a long time ago yeah in other words like what we're talking about yesterday okay so they damaged a couple of buildings on a couple of bases so money is still dead yes so anyone that has the take whole truck got played by Iran while you're really jump there's some hopes there well of course and I still am not convinced delta Orion was really trying to take out anybody from America but defense was on the today show he made the rounds today saying no they aim to kill yeah but the vice president has to say that because he's also at the same time saying this is how good our intelligence as this is how good our early warning system is that we know when this is going to happen so we can let people know to get to shelter to get safe and not only that but you're also helping Iraq Hon full their people into believing they really get fired these muscles area with the ill intent because you really want peace in the end so yeah I I get the whole play there now Savannah Guthrie though on the today show while she was interviewing vice president went on to basically accuse Mike pence of leading military personnel be sitting ducks and I love the way this is the one thing about my parents because he will steam rolled you in the nicest possible way while smiling yes and wrote was incredibly risky for the US to allow Iran essentially to take the shot well no not at all we have the same for its the frankly around was making threats over the last week remember this all began on December the twenty seventh when Iranian backed militias killed an American citizen injured for American personnel the president ordered airstrikes on five militia base we would not tolerate violence against Americans an examination of an imminent threat of a larger attack could you we were as safe as we can the we also made it very clear that any loss of American lives would be met with with strong Ripper cautions Tom have a great call it out why well it's a guy you like any sterols reporter feel like I'm funny yeah what is a politician I hate like answer the question you're not answering the question above a creek a hundred percent it is just funny though on the right side well every that's just part of a bid sometimes you try to scale back and it's almost like is we switch gears here too the two Republicans that are up in arms on the way the intelligence report came to them right this big meeting or talking about rand Paul and Mike Lee they're out there gripe and moan yes right now if you switch the sides here and this was the Obama administration and it was a couple of Democrats speaking out against their president they probably would be my favorite people right now I'm just admitting that but because of like you know me thinking this was a good thing what we did taking out for money yeah the way it comes off with Mike Lee and rand Paul just looks like grandstanding to well well I think the problem is that people are reporting what they were saying accurately and I know that's going to come as a shock but I think they're leaving a lot of people with the wrong impression so yeah you're right Mike Lee and rand Paul were mad yesterday about this intelligence briefing they got but it's not about the well lease with Mike Lee it's not about the initial strike because the opening part of his statement is conveniently being left out of this reporting once yeah I believe that more than any other president in my lifetime.

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