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Rebel Wilson Anne Hathaway, the star in the dirty rotten scoundrels gender, flip as con artists squaring off to prove their skills Hathaway is no stranger to the gender flip scripts as she also started oceans eight I asked their thoughts on how we've seen several of these remakes on the screen the past few years. Well, I think that everybody's wising up to fact that women. Film's star women. Do good business. And there is very harmful meth out there for very long time that women don't go to see movies, and that people don't go to see movies that star women, and we're just having a moment right now where we're actually letting the MAC speak for itself and Hollywood is a business. I feel so lucky to have come to Hollywood at feel like the exact right time with the just the talking game out driven comedies. I come in and get getting the movie bridesmaids and just brilliant female on some bold. Ashley Dvorkin, Fox News. Goes to ninety two sons. Most stimulating talk hosts you actually know are on t. This is handle on the law. Marginal big league. Vice I tell.

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