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Tournament, Florida state and Duke play for a title here tonight. Meanwhile. Earlier in the monarchy had a chance to speak with twelve year Carolina, swimming, and diving coach rich to sell who has had to step away from the program to take care of his health. And as we speak wishing coach to sell all the best again all America's swimmer in the nineteen seventies. And he told me a little more than a week ago. How his decades long relationship with Carolina began coach everybody knows you from your time at North Carolina. But before you got to campus back in the seventies. You grew up in Knoxville he spent some time in Jacksonville at the prestigious bowl school. What about North Carolina at that time of your life made it the right spot for you. As a young young boy, I had to radio below my bed, and I I used to tune in sports from all over the place. I listened to the Atlanta Braves and heard Henry Aaron break the home run record. And I occasionally would tune in UNC basketball. And I just something about you say stuck in my mind, and that was well before I was even thinking about college or anything about college. But. When I went away and and was a boarding student at bowl school in Jacksonville. Which was a great experience. I net. Ned Jones and Ned was a Jacksonville native who had gone to polls and was a year ahead of me and was his former at North Carolina. And so I met him. When he came back to town and Jacksonville came over to the pool. And so you know, that was my first exposure with anyone who really was there. And then that year. I worked hard improved a lot and had a great great experience. And I put myself in a position to be recruited by. Some pretty good schools. And ultimately, I visited Georgia Florida state, NC state and UNC and. We're all came came down to a decision UNC seemed like the best fit the best school in the best place for me to have a great college experience. So. It. It was just my good fortune that things aligned and I was offered the opportunity to come here. What are you? Remember your experience in college being like when it came time for the ACC basketball tournament. I remember treasuring every opportunity I could possibly have walk in the halls and seeing Dean Smith and ROY Williams, Eddie Fogler. And some of the great coaches from back in the seventies and eighties and go onto Carmichael for games and my classmates so Ford being so crowded. Didn't know him. Well, but no one in a little bit. And watching him lead the team. Bring us to so much success. The ACC tournament does always overlap with swimming. And our focus was on our team and go into our meets. But. We were always running back to this hotel and China turn on the TV and see. Geez. Carolina was playing Carolina was winning. So daska. Basketball for me has always been. Well, the pool the pool's at UNC have always been next to the basketball arena. Carmichael and Bowman gray were next to one another and now in the late eighties, the Smith center and Corine aditorial or next to each other. And so we've always had that physical link with basketball, but. You know, if there was ever occur grand to try to emulate in terms of quality quality, coaching quality student athlete experience and and high level results. Being around coach Smith coach Williams has certainly been a wonderful. They've been wonderful role models, and and just great to learn from HP around former Carolina swimming coach rich to sell with us here on the reach jewelers pre game show as we get ready to step aside. We'll hear from Leonard Hamilton what he had to say after last night's semi-final win for the Seminoles, Duke and.

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