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Six zero two nine six nine six. If you have three words that will make us or you feel better than us them. And if you don't what do I care, I, you know, I just noticed that arrow the TV show it's ending after season eight, and our and I and ending after me not having seen a single one of them. Okay. I haven't seen a single one of them aren't well. That's the whole is that the whole story that is just ending after a little bit more. But I'll will you know, you got it. Still do gig news in twenty minutes. Well, no one's calling. So it doesn't matter. No. Let's see. So it's three words. Yeah. Just to how are we going to feel better? We feel better. Tim the tree guy cheer up Bill. That's not. It's not enough. You're Bill must driver. Alison it rained. It was nice felt very springy. Let's see. Oh, here's here's here's one directed at Bill just keep swimming and eating into the microphone guy again. He's just every morning. Spring is almost here. This one person that says the first ten minutes of the show was always my favorite. I don't know. Why? Let's see. Oh, Tim Hollywood Timpson. I still had my old orange and yellow X sticker from when I was probably twelve. It's the sunny sunny because it looks like a tied tied logo. You remember that radio station who thought they were gonna take us down. They made their own version of. Thanks, ninety sucks. I don't even remember who was on that station. Oh is the q? What was the cue? Another station. Lasted many other. Yes, yes, we have until this point. In this moment, we have outlasted the mall, the lady raccoon has the best. Advice to words, muscle relaxers. We we maybe we can get some of that ketamine nasal spray taller cases. We have a call you. All it's dawn. She doesn't know the Don Don, Don, brownies some cinnamon rolls when I was in Provo, Don. Dawn. Hi, Don, Don. Calling from the shower. All right. Okay. Well, good put your hands on the wheel though. Don, we won't call the cops. Okay. So love always love you. Always. Thanks, don. It's nice. Come and see me at my house in a few weeks. My dad. Daddy, Tom's up. Oh morning. Daytime always nice to know that he's well. He's not really up wait either way. Okay. There is a difference. Traffic. Let's see if we have anything happening because the roads are wet and that causes people to forget how to drive crash northbound I fifteen thirty third south in Salt Lake two right lanes are closed there. We've got some snow in sardine canyon. No accidents to report that that'll be some slow and we've got four wheel drive and chain restrictions up big and little Cottonwood canyon at least for right now. And if you see something you can text it to us three three nine eight six thank you very much. He's it'll make you feel better about that geese. I want you to pick a news story to do. Just pick anyone just one. Okay. All right. Running low today. Nothing happening except captain marvel opening I got nothing to Abdur. All right. Let's see we got big news opinion. Wendo geek news coming up also beat Gina at seven o'clock. I've just looked at the trivia questions. I don't even know what the topic is prepared by Parker. Bryan, Cranston trivia, it's his birthday. I guess. Okay. Right. A new school and get to that. Let's see diamonds direct the foam. Oh foam of fear of missing out diamonds direct. You will not have fear of visiting out at diamonds direct. No buyer's remorse at that place. Because even if you get something like, it's your first engagement ring. And you think well, I've always wanted a bigger ING, but I can only afford this one now. That's okay. 'cause in a couple of years, you can trade up. That's it. That's true diamonds direct. They'll give you one hundred and ten percent of what you originally paid for that diamond that you bought from them and to toward a bigger diamond a few years down the road, you say sometimes you say, oh, I only saw few rings what if there were more. Choices guidelines direct has you covered with a selection of up to thirty times the other jewelry stores that goes for rains and diamonds whatever size were shape or of diamond you want they have it. And it's installed. They don't have to bring it in from third party or another story anything like that. They have it right there. In at diamonds direct. It's where real diamond value is in this valley diamonds direct. Take our word for it. They're friends of the program working there. And a we like them a lot. So go to diamonds direct, sixty four hundred south right across the street from fashion place mall when Kerry Bill.

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