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Setting the pace on the pursuit of happiness the excuse that can goldman show where you discover what you were born to do and how to make it happen now helping you make monday's great again cannon coleman a warm welcome from nashville you are joining a conversation about who you are what you were born to do where you want to be and how you can get their support stuff thrilled to have you aboard eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven that is the number to jump in on the conversation the emails are flooding in so he just don't want to pick up the phone yet you're not ready and that's okay so we offer you an email question now i will tell you something in order for me to do you some good give you value i've got a the details your unit sent an email you're gonna have to give me the details and that will read those from time to time on the show ask at cannes coleman show dot com that's ask at cannes coleman show dot com coming up we'll get to your calls and i'm also excited to have as a guest on today's program kurt warner the former mvp quarterback of the st louis rams and then made a brief stint with the new york giants and then on to the arizona cardinals and recently the latest hall of fame classy nfl a wonderful speech you could look it up on line it would do you good great great man and uh joins me on the program little bit later share his story one of those inspiring stories and the reason that i wanted kern on the program is because he has a real life story you think hall of fame quarterback but when you hear store if you don't know his story it it is very very impressive not a guy that was met with a lot of success until his moment came in the nfl pretty inspiring stuff and you can get a lot from it so stay tuned for that are i wanna share a study with yeo's i've doing research all the time constantly reading ridi region rereading to help you good people and i wanna speak today dreamers that's right daydreamer is if you're daydreamer i want you to listen up.

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