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Across the great state of west virginia hoppy kercheval with you coming up is deemed release at eleven thirty three so tragically we've become very familiar over the last five days is with stephen paddock at his girlfriend mary lou dan louis and we ended up making contact with the young woman from west virginia name is syrups toggle insert cycles originally from jovo and looked county she now lives in tennessee and she and her husband cj sarah ends dj were on their honeymoon last may in mexico they were took a cruz and as part of the crews they also went on an excursion on short in mexico and during that time they were actually just by happenstance paired up with on this jeep steven paddock and mary lou daily and surged joins us on metronews talkline this morning surrogate morning good morning happen harrier well thanks for joining us we appreciate it so just tell us the stories there you and cj were on your honeymoon congratulations by the way and and you were you took this excursion that just were paired up with patrick and daily just what happened how you paired up with him berry we garzan are under the inherent rankle you know that we're doing nikolai on a group pure you know on our honeyman iron barely get all offer today and later on thursday afternoon when our hummel have left party down four of course me right in our hands and and you know other than the party as well right hand and i thank you can with it hair you know you you'd here with you very rarely happen to me they compared with men that way so now we met them and as we're getting into their agape and everything in our do himself they even energy peres larry uh and what was ju ju ju uh you know confers mr become acquaintances because this is a tour you're on i'm sure for several hours and what was that what was your impression of him in particular horrible killer you know when we get to the g there is however their and our aim weather right they're not gonna drive you know eat would you i bet there with you i bet he earned travel go ahead in in iraq eric cantor mattered now what that at that my rent krajina of course thank and.

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