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It did wonders. It didn't matter that it was only one fight. So i don't know that wouldn't allow certain things that take place just so that you can land the big fish and like eddie remember. Eddie had to court cannella. This is our opportunity to pull out. The red. Stops in. Like bob arum say. Hey you need the private jet. Do you want the seven thousand square foot. sweet remember. they were. They were showering. Tyson fury with numerous incentives. He got the private jet to fly around. He got the six thousand square foot sweet that he was bragging about on his instagram. This is how you court someone. This is how you keep them happy. Why do you think can got fireworks. And j galvin and a one hour ring walk to show that look you are king and we want to treat. Us such over here at mattress usa. So anybody and everybody gotta shoot shot. It's like a woman man. You see that pretty girl. How many jews want the pretty girl. You got a separate yourself. You gotta separate yourself now. We are scheduled davick guests. I put the links in the chat. But i have not received any word from the producer. Look at this. We got a cash up early in the morning. Two dollar cash from e cy. I'm gonna just go to cost you last name. He says keep up. The great work nece exclamation double emoji. One hundred emoji shutout to brother. Appreciate you over him. And i'm rocking out solo dolo scarface norman. No lower don't matter. We still want to collaborate with anybody and everybody big little small. We want to collaborate you. All i should be having at eleven o'clock ring. I q no you want me to get on with. Julius reached out. And i think he's gonna be available for eleven to day. Hopefully we're still alive and he could jump pon and and we can talk. I know he's not a fan of pbc so it should be a good one. We got see one with another one old town of played.

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