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That's eight six six eight four four seventy three forty four American forces taking more precautions officials say leaving Libya after renewed flare-up fighting occurred between rival groups security, the main concern ABC's, Jennifer Eccleston has more from the foreign desk, conflict, pits pro governor. Forces against rebel fighters from eastern, Libya Tripoli is the seat of the internationally recognized government and where there's a large presence of UN forces. They've been put on alert amid fears of escalating violence and American ficials said they've relocated a contingent of U S forces in response to security conditions on the ground. Jennifer Eccleston ABC news London. California governor Gavin Newsom is in El Salvador this weekend getting a firsthand look at conditions in Central America. And what is driving migrants to the US border? ABC's lose penny reports from San Francisco governor's office says Newsom chills Salvador, considering the more than six hundred thousand Salvadorians live in California, the largest population of Salvadorians in any US state in the past. Governor of news has criticized president Donald Trump's comments Unimak creation for Salvadorians in the bay area. Like, the owner of the recognized Salvadorian restaurant from teeth us in the mission, this trip brings hope is a good idea for him to know how. People's working inside are working people. They are President Trump demanding Mexico. Take action to slow the flow of migrants or face tariffs. This is ABC news. I'm Clark Howard, the guy helping you keep more of the money you make and this is where Orlando.

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