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Latest johnny knoxville film action point in theaters near you starting tomorrow and johnny knoxville back here on the rich is when you live in the los angeles area you never see who from tv or film is going to just show up anywhere supermarket schools or on a youth baseball diamond is so people might be used to that but what's the reaction when parents bring their kids the diamond and johnny knoxville is the coach of the team well i'm i'm just the assistant cover the system yes and there's i've been doing it for a few years so everything's normal and it's so fun you're not teaching headfirst slides no no i don't want them to get hurt like with my own kids i'm like a helicopter parent i don't want him to totally if they do something say something nadi then i'm like i do i'm if they're climbing tree i'm right under the tree well you know what can happen i just don't want to see it so you have not instilled your daredevil silo my son is very he's got the funny looking his i like my father so i'm trying to steer him away from all that but it's so fun helping coach baseball coach gimme johnny knoxville coaching philosophy when they're that age they're eight you spend not so much time on instruction as opposed to like yelling no tackling or no wrestling in the outfield or stopped drawing in the dirt glove on so it's hilarious so you're teaching ready position focus get out there just you realize just like they some of them have trouble throwing in so because what age let's clue everybody eight and i always play baseball growing up and it's one thing that i was always kind of decent at yeah and but i never thought about how i throw you know what are the in how to teach that so that took i'm learning just like them on how to teach them right so point the glove at your target up can your arm up i don't teach arm up i tell them to start with the knuckles to the ground and then bring it on round bring it on around and follow through got to throw because some of them just do the my son was doing this catchers move and just bring it from his ear and he's got a great arm but i'm like you're you're not using any of your body you know so then it's amazing when the balls hit and an actual put out takes place yeah right whether it's one of those bad news bears moments where lupus just catches the ball and it's just the most amazing thing happens or somebody fields it steps on second yeah running the second that happens constantly amazing someone stealing third and the third baseman has no clue goes straight by year you know it's a pop flies or a miracle in that age what sort of baseball player where you johnny i was pitcher and first baseman really yeah so what was your what was your game as a pitcher throw heat junk baller i had a had a pretty good fastball in in just a fastball and curve on that seem to get me through high school okay did you get any any looks he's my arm out my senior year but i could have some i could've played college ball you know there's a couple of probably went to junior college ball and then to college okay but after that my arm i blew it out and i decided to move to los angeles instead but god i miss baseball in just playing it or do you watch it at all or no you playing okay you know really a spectator when it comes down to that stuff i watch a little not as much as i used to but i love going to the games i just love coaching because i'm having more fun than any of the kids out there so fun well that's good because you have to i mean the kids at age seven eight need to be focused in some way shape or we gotta get out there and rally the kids and have some fun yeah focus is a big thing and my age we've also just heard about the number of concussions you've had jain not ville here on the rich eisen show and more boxing mma which one are.

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