White House, Senate, President Trump discussed on Background Briefing


Can do right i mean they can protest um they can come up with their own minority memo uh they can try to undertake defensive tactic procedurally did procedure tactic on capitol hill they can go to court and try to get the lower courts where there still are progressive judges to halt these temporarily some of these programs but uh you know the the the goal i gas between now and a year from now is to try to limit the damage uh and get to the mid term and then hope that at least one chamber changes so that there can be subpoena power directed at the white house which isn't being directed now uh ideally in a perfect world the senate would um switch uh and uh you would block the president from appointee more of those judges from the federal a society but those are all yeah that's a year away and that assumes facts not in evidence that assumes that there's gonna be this tidal wave against the administration it assumes that um republicans are gonna lose many of these districts and many of these states and again that's that's an assumption that may be premature given what we know well after tone i thank you very much for joining us here today it's my pleasure anytime thank you and again i be speak with andrew cohen who's a senior editor at the national project and a fellow at the brennan center for justice cocaine investi he's a legal analyst and commentator of the sixty minutes and cbs radio news and a contributing editor.

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