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Sponsored by ENT and allergy associates in affiliation with Mount Sinai from the WFAN sports desk. Here's Bob Houston. Well, Susan the giants have won consecutive games for the first time in almost two years to thirty eight points. They scored in Sunday's win over Tampa Bay most. They have put up in a game and over three years only one word to describe it as far as I mean when when off rolling like that, you know is something that the defense you want to get out there and get the ball back to the office as soon as possible to let them go out and do their job. And that is giants linebacker Alex Ogle tree who was part of the giants defense that came up with four interceptions Ogle tree rumbled home fifteen yards with his defensive touchdown. But on Sunday it was saquon Barkley who handled. The bulk of the running he ran for a career best one hundred forty two yards is coach Pat Shurmur says the offense flowed from there when you can start out the game running the ball effectively. Like we did. It's a good thing. You know, when you don't start out running the ball affectively, then you're picking and poke and trying to find the right? Ron Barclay finished his day with three touchdowns. Two of them on runs in the giants. Now, get ready to play the eagles Sunday in Philadelphia. The jets will come out of their bye week on Sunday by plane. New England jets quarterback. Sam darnold missed the buffalo game with a foot injury. Didn't practice today? Monday night football match up nine and one Rams the nine in one chiefs Knicks and nets are off until Tuesday. The Knicks loss on Sunday in Orlando was their fifth in a row raiders play. Tonight is the Rangers in Dallas Stars at the garden where the raiders have won their last five in a row sports, a fifteen forty five around the clock. Bobby slur? Ten ten win sports. Forty nine degrees. Now, fair skies. The humidity. Sixty eight percent wins variable at five miles an hour, forty nine we're headed.

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