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I'm Amy poll. Arizona votes recreational use of marijuana is expected to be on the ballot again in twenty twenty. And a new poll finds there's growing support to legalize marijuana in Arizona spend more than two years since voters narrowly rejected legalizing marijuana nor redneck with OH predictive insights says twenty twenty it could be different their state wide survey of six hundred likely voters shows they're in favor of legalization by fifty two to forty one percent margin. If the election were held today, and we've seen that it's only been growing over time. It's probably overwhelmingly likely to pass he says, many Democrats some of the biggest supporters of legalizing marijuana biggest opposition to it comes from Republicans women and older voters. Jim cross KTAR news Arizona's rising senior population, including retirees moving. From other states is the biggest factor for state having the biggest growth rate for Alzheimer's disease. Katie ska Vars with the Alzheimer's Association says the rate will likely get worse than. Number of people living with Alzheimer's in Arizona is expected to increase nearly forty three percent in the next six years. A new report finds one hundred and forty thousand Arizonans over the age of sixty five have Alzheimer's. There's a new app ahead of Arizona's fire season, Tiffany Davila. What the department of forestry and fire management says you'll have information on fires burning across the state right at your fingertips. They'll be able to see the fires that are burning around them or near them. And then they can focus in on not even farther and kind of click on one of the fires and get the information Davila's folks can also report fires or tips anonymously through the app. Emmy riddle university in Prescott has entered into a deal that could benefit students both here and abroad. It started a career pathway program. For pilots where flight students from Korean airlines will come for training once they complete it. They'll stay and train other flight students before heading home to start their careers. Embry? Riddle aviation dean, Dr Timothy Timothy Holt says the plan will help to produce up to forty qualified new pilots every year. And now for a check on traffic..

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