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Yeah exactly so that's why they're upset realized in there domain all that crap what where did they in inglewood is it accurate yet when you live out there that was last year lived there for about half a year yeah it was it was awesome loving what is going to be what inglewood us to be back when the the lakers the kings used to play out there hollywood park used to be really cool happening place and i think it's gonna make a huge comeback with that new stadium out there that is a beautiful stadium while inglewood in ten years from now we'll have a much different reputation than than it did it did and it's crazy days again this group is upset about the proposal to build a new arena for the clippers the complex would include an eighteen thousand seat state of the art arena and a practice facility the largest portion of the project would be built at the intersection of south prairie avenue at century boulevard hard south prairie and centuries of south prairie avenue at century boulevard close to the new that's right we're the hollywood park use me close to the new pro football stadium and entertainment club complex that's already under construction most of the land at the proposed site of the basketball arena is vacant but there are still some businesses in the area the clippers lease at.

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