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Do you want me to give bad advice good advice but just sometimes our advice giving give concise. Ask the leader jiang. Okay first question comes from anonymous us. Wait okay duly gang. I need some advice on a guy that i've been seeing we match on tinder a few weeks ago and after seeing him a few times. He admitted to me that he could suck his his own dick. I long that really took a weird turns airline manson can't he still does it in his leather jacket only hang up. I think there could be more flexibility without okay. She says okay that's fine but it wasn't just that he also likes to video himself. Sucking izzo dick and i received several videos of him doing so at the time tom i wasn't that interested in him so i told my friends and they said it was one hundred percent weird and i should totally <unk> accent but i've been seeing a lot recently. I'll just can't decide if it's enough of a red flag that he does this to leave. What should i do. Should i give chance enough of a red flag. Is there a bigger brighter red flag that ever existed well. Here's the thing here's i wanna ask you something. If you could suck your own dick would you yes hundred percent yes video in where it went weird video. It's the sending of the video. It's weird even if you wanted to video to watch back. What does that look like like sometimes when you're like. Have you ever looked to your your your own like sometimes after i get a brazilian i was like i want to know what it looks like back. There and you do like downward dog and then pull it. No no no no. He's doing this for like sexual garage. I know i know why he's doing opening your bunch joe. I'm checking tax but i want to see the look anyway. This is beyond the point. The point is it's the sending of the video that problem and also like telling someone about it because that's weird too and then and then and then like what happens do you have to like see like a tripod up. Maybe just to get the thing abdu self tapes. It's a really small really can't actress. You know it's like you try that is hanging from the fridge. I'm upset that she's still seeing a guy that s done all of these things and also the issue. Give him head because i mean he doesn't need eat. It honestly actually not a bad. It's might be a red flag. This is the greatest thing ever. I kind of wanted dick. You're a second. I wanna see if there's a video on the internet of a guy second. Absolutely there is no question if i looked up. We'll i get a lot of spam. Yes not just. I have a question for the male universe. Is this something readily available. What like can a lot of men suck there. Is this ever heard of anybody like you know any bros. Every guy that has to do it like fourteen. Oh of course and then i try for five minutes and you're like i can't can you get close. You gotta get close not real..

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