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Why they would never eat you or anything else. Good to me, and me. I'm scared to them change in the world into being a place where we only grow vegetables, although saying that actually looking at all joking aside. They say that one of the major contributors to the global woman is cows. Yeah. I'm probably me. Yeah. And so, I guess if more of the world worldwide vegetarian, by the way, that was the connection between you and the cows ahead Vancouver, point that I that's all right. Maybe we shouldn't be scared of vegetarian. Maybe we should actually promoting just. The carnivores for many reasons global warming. And then, of course, you know, like I don't wanna be, yeah. Some lines pizza one night, you know what I mean? Like, yeah. Although I'm sure he probably wouldn't care about. Well, that's one of the more phobias is big cuts. Definitely and be kind when you guessed, this one K. You mean if I guess so far, I haven't got any I'm right? I'm not sure if you get it, right. I'm saying to be calling on your guesses. Okay. Faggot phobia. P. H. A. G Fagor, phobia, fear swallowing. How'd you know that man? That released Gaca phobia show got one. So in some cases, it can actually lead to massive weight loss and malnutrition, because of people's inability or perceived inability to swallow to know what the Greek word fag. O P, H, G O means. Eat. I shoulda figured that. Yeah. Anyway, you still get the point. I got one in one attitude. Ain't bad us fifty. That's good odds. All right, Phil phobia. This is so me the fear of not being full after Veton. No, the fear that fella, phobia. Is it with the ph? Yep. People. Not really. Anyway. It is the fear of falling in love. And or having close relationships with people occurred on hydro, onto that, just saying that is me. I'm scared by phone with me. Well, yeah, I was kinda scared because if you love somebody that person whether they know it or not, whether they wanted or not. They have the power to hurt you more than anybody else. You know got you know, but I mean, obviously they also have the power to make you happier than anyone else. But it is scary when you're going into something in your thinking 'cause I don't think that you can live, somebody don't really put your guard down. But is scary to it? Same time. Gosh, musuem. I'm scared to you. Full stop. As you should be. Philadelphia. The city backcomb is actually called the city of brotherly love. And that is, what that means earns three four three word failure, which is the beginning of Philadelphia, it actually means brotherly love, but also friendship affection, why. So what about the cheese Philadelphia cheese? No. I don't know good thought they make yummy cheesecakes. I I know. know. But But it's it's like. like we eat in brotherly love cheese. I'm very good. Well, I wonder if that's better untethered cheese. On fuller, phobia. So we get into the big words on full of. Phobias. O. P. H A, L phobia, I will give you fair God. I will give you two thousand guesses. Okay. You give them to me, but I'll give him back. What is it, it is the fear of belly-buttons? Look, you never know what's inside a bellybutton, if think about it, you can see. I mean if you're an Audi used together, see mug bellybutton. If you're an Audi it's all good. But if you're any in your deep any, as some people are you've don't know what the hell is in there. Do you. Well, major where my cocky is gone. Well. But I'm just saying you don't know what kind of crud, you know, like germs. I mean, a spider could across an air for all, you know, in the middle might while you were sleeping. I remember when we first got together being up, she Stein, did the fight. We used to get Q tips, clean Saadia, buddy. But McCue tips. Well, got to clean it. It kind of happens in the shower though. Doesn't it? You just kind of like shower at night. You don't need to use Q tips to you. Okay. How many people out there use Q tips? Anybody goes back to that whole thing that was on Twitter. Enough Ellen go about do you wash your feet. Okay. Yeah. And then somebody else in there said, well, hang on, if you don't wash your legs, does that mean you don't want your feet. It's disgust. Do you wash your legs? Please say do. Yeah. Does it? Yeah. Right. Okay. So you know one of the goals. Conan's down. I washed down to sort of my, I would say my ankles, I don't wash my feet in the shower. That's gross. Why not because I reached reach not far. I'm six foot five. You try bending over and Cuba, going out to sickness when you dip down to know too fast note, the galoshes in the way of my head when I'm trying to bend down now for stick your foot in the bathtub and wash it off, or somebody enter you don't need to because you. That's the scusi thing. You and a whole new light. When when you look down on the floor in a shower, and you've got good lava going on. And then you shut yourself off. You see all the so people earned suds in the button of the shower that is correct in my feet, getting them all smelling notion of do I have smelly feet. Well, why have smelly feet? Well, I don't know. No. Even go there. Anyway. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Feel. We will wait, wait, wait since you're on the subject of cleanliness and stuff. Why do people sometimes not ever? Use a wash cloth. I can't figure out why somebody 'cause you Hans, but your hands are not exporting you. They're just smearing the stuff. All right. So you don't use a wash cloth. Neither I I don't don't. know. Don't where where do you use it a freaking swimming pool? I mean one to lose loofah because I used one of them little nets thing ease who for this. The move for him. But okay. So the water flannels as you call them for, then what they make them. Oh, people. Oh people for what for washing because. Newsflash. You're forty six and your grandfather. So Hello Flynn. Oh, caress Ma, but. Terrif- Obea, how you spend an because all I'm Hyun a turf. Obea t you are phobia. Don't know this is the fear of cheese. The fleet of cheese while brotherly love cheese. Jeez. You said earlier that you were scared of the fact that the blue cheese is moult. Scares. Think about the fact that it is just like I cannot think when I'm eating mushroom that it's fungus. Because it just doesn't seem but think of the fact that when you're in a big it's grind up several bits of animals. Goodness knows what parts of the animals. That's okay. Is it? No. Because when I'm eating burger, I'm not sitting there thinking about Molly moo cow neither, but. At your character. No. I just made her up, so yes, she's a character. Molly moo cow is our new mascot. I think you should start doing children's stories. Molly fuck knows what the other stories. I take that back. Fear cheese a lot of times, I would see actual texture of the cheese. I don't know why it would be the texture because we'll know some people are very textual into a gag on coconut a food via 'cause I can't stand coconut. Swallow coconut, that's what I mean because of the texture of thing, but no suppose it's not weird because, you know, when you have Luxy real and you get the bits in the milk at the bottom. Yeah. Can't do that because I'm kind of expecting a nice smooth milk on, when you got a little bit to know makes you cough anyway, per phobia, spelt P A, a phobia, the fear of daddy's note who baddies, what a talion daddy's yes. Yes. Now. Yes. Kids, just keep on the Italian route sausages. Oh, fuck me. Absolutely. What you go from Salvin to sausages. I don't know this. Don't the way your folks. What is it? Of. When you said. Maybe congregations. But. Sausage stew? Oh my gosh. So it's people that are frayed of the pope. Is it people that refrain of the pope all pop ac-, okay? Okay. But also closely related to that hockey phobia, and that's the fear of saints and holy things. Nia phobia, how you spell it any o phobia Neo phobia? Do you remember us scared of new things? Excellent, Can you remember when we had scotch in about what neophyte was? Yes. That's how he knew that because I told my eye and still wisdom trip. Afo. Bia. T. R Y, peo- phobia trip, Afolabi, a-, don't know. It is a fear of small groups of holes bumps or even circles barely, but ends. I'm pope's. They don't like no, no, no, no. They don't like sponges 'cause bunch of holes in sponges plants that have seeds retrieves. Yes, was cheese in. The fear of cheese screwed and even your own muscle horrors, and, and stuff monsters. I don't know. It just says, no, none about nostrils is actually quite a common phobia, when I've not ever heard of that. And it's from the Greek word triple, which means hose, see, now that makes sense to me because I would trip you don't need to hold a trip. True. But anyway, you on the most accident prone person I've ever met me and Bryce Rupp stays this morning, ladies and gentlemen, to suddenly hia a scream from them stays, and then Bella shut up. I put myself in. I do that. A lot. Because like big is no descend phobia and ascend Fuyu. The fear of going up time. Yeah. Especially elevators later the list. I don't like lifts alligator's atole them if I have to it's if I have to lead wouldn't like the elevators at my work thing, because every once in a while one of them suddenly go and jar, and you'll your feet will come off the floor. I quite like that feeling but you don't like it. Because when we drove in, and we go over a slight incline through the country lanes. Hia. He goes down the road. I'm going. Think like butterflies spent cool. No. It's not cool. It's not. But roller coasters, not not cool. Cool, I knew Rivarolo coasters lot when we go somewhere I do decide phobia the fear of decisions making decisions. That is exactly right. Enough of the phobias now I asked you to test earlier on so that we could do our fleet archetypes, right? Check the show notes. If you want to do this yourself because we will include it in the show notes for you. The test can be done online. Did you put your Email address in the end, by the way you did? Okay. I don't know whether you have to do that, I didn't try in, but I did immediately unsubscribe. All right. Okay, fine. So but you don't have. To put it in. It'll show it to screen. What do you think my fear archetype is I'm not sure not having control of something. Right. Very good. I apparently the crash donator. So he is says that I I'm a perfectionist to likes things to be done right. Yeah. Degree with that? That's year. Yeah. You'll fear of making a mistake and having trouble, pulling the trigger definitely, you can spend too much time, researching and planning. You typically produce high quality work. Yeah. Yeah. You tend to be well organized, and you give great attention to detail. Yes for me. I think it was pretty close. Yeah. I think that's actually pretty accurate. So what was yours? Guess I don't know what the archetypes are. So I couldn't. Well, I am the outcaste, believe it or not. Okay. I am very afraid of rejection. Concede that I alpha n- pass up meaningful personal relationships, while I think that's a good thing because you've got one with me. Yes, I do. But it took a long time. You have that wasn't all your fault. You sometimes miss opportunities to Fuster valuable connections. You occasionally forfeit, chances to collaborate vote agree that you come across his fearless, and unstoppable. But it's probably just veneer, the fear of rejection lives beneath all that armor your frayed to trust others. You might also have a tendency to reject others before they do the same to you is exactly you couple of other things that says you fear rejection and often push people away in order to avoid being rejected. I, but I can also be a very effective leader. I'm self motivated, and I'm persistent and willing to take risks so good true. Like I like to true, but then when when I'm done doing the whole. Oh public thing. And I go home and I shut my door. I want to be left alone. I'm perfectly happy with that. I don't mind we all complete opposites ready when you think about it in that source sense, on your because I would be.

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