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To the braves this year. Oh and god. I even because i am unbiased. Pablo sandoval is one of the lone bright spots on that team when someone hits a home run he takes the panda hat and he puts it on his head and he waits at the end of the doug. Oh and then they go give them a hug like that's one of the only re- if our braves fan that's like one of the only reasons to tune in watch that's cute that's a feel good thing and then like you know what let's get rid of that and then it's over as a salary dump for the indians yeah. The indians straight up salary dumped. The game is man and that's tough. I told you that. I've been talking to a couple of front office members. And that's a that's a big sentiment echoed is it's unfortunate to see some teams just selling off talent. Was that eddie. Rosario go and it's fucking eyebrows they were just like you know what i guess. Give us give us a pablo animal chair. fuck it. we'll take pablo whenever sell hats to try and make some money back craziness a dolans before before before we get carl's reaction. I do have to talk about the oakland days because my initial reaction to hazel says are getting moved was not great dr great. I didn't like it and again. I guess there's a difference between understanding things being angry about things not liking things and i got a lot of personal investment. Their love the dude. Absolutely love them I didn't realize he went to the same high school as anthony. Yeah yeah marjory. Stoneman douglas Knowing what he can be in the future is where i was coming from when we initially acquired. Marty i understand what martine provides us. And we're already seeing seeing glimpses of it the athleticism Great bat and i talked about ramon laureano being a very very good teammate. Like when you think about bringing new guys in and how it affects a clubhouse bob melvin did have to war and go. Hey we just seinfeld fielder pre you also are and we love you laser. We love you but we're on today. Bobby listen up chico. i'll go play right field. You put mark centerfield. We're gonna be fucking chico. We're going to be going. Love every fucking men into that. The dude just wants to win he just wants to play and if he is playing in helping he'll do it wherever he'll bring out the fucking bats if he has to. We got to meet. Oh i mean you already had met him. But when i met him he was fucking awesome And then john goals. Look sean murphy. Young on follow me on twitter of fucked up. That's unfortunate task them. Asking what the fucking deal like. Would you say maybe see like you behind. But i like what. I see in the homes because what i've watched sean murphy do. This year has not been talked about and he's not going to say anything. Murph has been a little banged up. yeah he has taken an asp eating this year behind. The plate has never been right. He's he's really grinded so to see the as kind of acknowledged that go get them some help. Go get josh harrison as well from the fuck yes. let's go. It was very easily done for the as to just sit pat after initial move and tell people they went out and got chief it. Would you know he's a great fit for you. I can't wait. I can't wait to meet him. I feel like the first post game interview. That i'm going to do with him because i'm going to request it. Not going to say words. The race got jordan loop. Blow look at it not see that okay We're just going to stroke each other's facial here. Yeah i guess so. We also didn't really talk about kris bryant going to the giants. I mean we we teased. We didn't get the real now. That is true absolutely. I got a bone to pick with longo. You son of a bitch issue doesn't happen if you if you're healthy you're healthy kris bryant. This doesn't happen right. I blame i absolutely. Where do you think he goes. If evan longoria stays healthy that's Yeah i think that's awesome ability prospect hall if you for both. I don't know that one goes though i only one yeah. The giants they needed. Padres get jake. Is nick from the cubs. That isn't that doesn't move the needle. Now we're now doesn't move These all post headlined deals. These are all lakers. Yeah Oh we didn't kyle gibson went to the phillies gabby to philly and ian kennedy went there. Oh so we're the phillies out in the wild card. Let's see it's fucking four. It looks like the phillies are seven and a half seven car okay. Yeah they're gonna have to go the division rival which is three and a half you know. See that too often but Kyle gibson having a career year. In his age. Thirty three season love. it and Has not pitched entirely well since the sticky stuff. Crackdown but i wanna say in fairness i don't think has been right. Numbers have changed much but basically he has not been good for like the last month and he's got like a four and a half. I still think there's There's value there that i'm not thinking that hasn't been like holy shit. This guy is booking unbeliev. Remember also i talk about you. Know guys like givi. Yeah like is he. Is he pitching in the five game series for you. Yeah yeah yeah. Seven game series What are you expecting out of him that you would expect out of other guys right. Yes are you expecting to him. What you expect the first couple of turns so leading to this point call gibson is a is a big impact ad because you need those starts after the first frontline guys to be able to give you an opportunity to win those ball games Kyle gibson absolutely doesn't yeah. Yeah i mean it's it's a nice pickup. It's a nice pickup for a team. That i still don't necessarily believe has what it takes to get. There means it does remain to be seen. But let's it's costs betas paid here. They're probably not making so.

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