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Oh, man. This was a joke on NewsRadio. The only reason I might know it is it like Alvin it is like Elvin, but it is not Elvan. It's all or. All right watching and can tell the difference between different Arnold's this last Bisky SS guys. Yeah. Or Sarah on SpongeBob. Squarepants SpongeBob has a pet snail whose name is Gary. All right at him. Yeah. Buffy the vampire, slayer, Tara and willow have mostly black cat named. Shit. I don't remember that at all. This cat has renames made us. Rules. I call my cat. This all the time. And my mind is blank. Oh, dear Mr. something. Dammit, miss kitty Fantastico. What was that this kitty fantastic? Thank you. Fuck off brain. On game of thrones, Jon snow as a dire wolf whose name is. And it's not Wolsey. Marie. What if it was that Dyer's? Both name is ghost goes. Okay. Thirty bunting on the Jetsons. Elroy had a dog named. I'm like singing the whole song. Astro? Recht? Alright every he's got one question list quickly here. This course. I have nine point still Adam has ten Sarah has. Who all right here? We go. Fucking space question. I will tell you there a space questions still in the mixer Dono on Brooklyn nine nine atom, Raymond Holt and Kevin at a Kobe name. Jeter. God. Dr. Yes on future Rama Leela has the baloney in named. Nigger or Lord Nikola if you wanna be fancy about it share. All right. So what's that mean? Adam and Sarah tight, I'm attic. No, I'm out of contention, Adam and Sarah are currently tied. But Sarah has one question left. Exactly what I just asked. I know. Sarah, d bunting. You get this. You win. We go to tiebreaker between you must address worth. King of the hill. The hill fan. At a bloodhound named. Implant Walker Texas ranger. Correct. Anybody know that one I do, but I'm not gonna use my steel meal. It's lady bird his ladybird. Oh. Wait. You're not gonna use steel now. All right, Sarah. I get the tiger very disappointed. You gotta tied that way. That's fine. Hey, you made choice. I don't care. You gotta live with it. Not me. Here we go tiebreaker. I will start reading it. Let you guys answered anytime. I gotta tell you. We've got two names. You gotta give here on magnum PI ligon had dobermans named. Shit. Nobody does. Back fricken frac. Adam do you know, Bob and Gwen? Are you gonna try to jog your memory? Maybe it'll work maybe at the pause it. So I can make another question up. These two dogs are named after Greek gods. Do you know their names now Dussen harra? Apollo. Okay. And now we pause for a moment. So can do another question for tiebreaker insert Usak here. Okay. The answer there guys both had half Zeus and Apollo. Sexist. All right. So we're spot here of having to use sort of more marginal questions I really had removed from the game. So thought nobody would get them to say them in hopes that someone will get one of them if not we're going to end on one. But I know someone will get, but I don't think is like a true TV show. You'll see what I mean if we get there. All right. Okay. Everybody. In Caroline in the city. Carolina had a cat named. Jets. Any idea, sir? No, let's go with mouse. Salting salty was all right Kim possible on stoppable had a naked mole rat named. Windy. That because of you don't nephews. No, any idea, Adam Sally Bowles. All right on Marvel's. The runaways Gert has a dinosaur named. Anybody wants the runaways Dean Martin. Pulu? Here we go guys another one another one real quick. Game of thrones dragon lady as a dragon named drug on every go..

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