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Other government officials making that decision so the first thing he was trying to get the material back out of the hands of the government then i would say the damages because it's not enough that the material won't be used in a criminal case the fourth of the sixth amendment are very different from assessments they provide that the government should never ever have a chance to look at it it would be as if you're confessing to your priest or your rabbi and the government wiretap you and listen to the confession it's not enough that the confession not be used in a criminal case very active listening to the confession is a violation or very active listening when your wife discussing your sex life which is privileged or you and your doctor discussing some illness that you might have government simply has no business intruding on these kinds of sacred relationships and it's not enough to have a team or another kind of team looking into those kinds of intrusions okay what what how do you think this decision was made to read cohen's office it apparently was not a decision by robert muller he made a referral to the southern district us attorney we now know that that acting us attorney jeffrey berman recused himself so who who is likely to have made this decision to go ahead with this fbi raid well you know we may hear a lot of people saying we weren't involved the responsibility lies with ron rosenstein who is conflicted up because in this case i mean here's a man who will be called as the first witness if there's ever a trial of donald trump or furrow of donald trump for obstruction of justice because he's the guy who told channel trumpet it's okay to fire comey but rosenstein probably made the decision i doubt that it would be left to some low ranking fbi agent or low ranking assistant us attorney at the very lowest rank would be the head of the criminal division of the justice department in washington because justice department ray require that go up there before lawyers office be rated now there's one possible exception they may have taken the position this.

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