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We are back. Andy staples joining us in a couple of minutes. We have had a busy one already. With k j jefferson and so many other guests including j paternal. We got a call from a famous drummer in a band. And we've had quite an afternoon here. Let's continue More calls mark is arkansas. You're on the air. Hello mark hill mr five. I'm how's your day going great. Thank you good. I wanna thank you. And the se nation crew for the difference. You show to raise your bathroom saturday. It made for great great day. Well it was it was. It was really cool to be there. It's always fun but this was Beyond special We've been there a couple of times with some bad teams This one was was was one. I'll never forget very good Same here You can even you mr tibo back. We'll we'll take it back. He's okay with us. He was he. He had a good time with his texas pick. That's for sure. Well he did but I gotta tell you that Utah texas hand with across the parking lot Admit smiling ever since so. Hey you know what's funny about that. I i had a friend. Text me Saturday night from he was in colorado for the texas game. He said i know arkansas. He said the m crowd like that one too by the way they do have taste. I'll say that. Hey thank you very much back. Arkansas abs- weight Had a blast. There you bad good to hear from you. Let's continue with more phone. Calls and lee is in memphis. Hello hey paul going. We're doing great les. Thank you two questions. hang listen What water offers. Chances saturday an state and do you think that memphis has a chance mr say. Hey man yeah i. I frankly like memphis. Chances more than auburn game being at home. And i frankly i i think. Auburn has an outside shot of winning i. I just wish. I knew. More about auburn. Based on these two games. I know i know they played really terrible opposition but it seems like they have things going really good direction. I i'm fascinated by the mississippi state memphis game. Hey thanks for the call appreciate it. let's continue. Kevin is in georgia. You're on the air. Hey paul appreciate you taking my call. Thank you Over over the years the gamecocks had enough trouble with the bulldog in their own state. And that's the citadel bulldogs. We've got a one game going against them i Hey by the way i was. I was at the citadel. Win in whatever your that was Fifteen fourteen yeah. I saw the. I i was working that game. As as a reporter Sideline reporter. And i'll never forget it as long as i live. It's the only time i've ever done and the only time i'll ever do it. Yeah we'll be depending next time. I mean we're we're an sds. School quick story kevin so. I don't remember what happened. Sec nation was in south carolina. That day it was it was off weekend when there really are no good games and the sideline reporter. I don't know somehow the sideline reporter got sick. I really don't have any idea how i ended up with the job but somebody said is there any chance you could stick around and do the game i. I've never done this before. I said to my said it couldn't be very hard I mean you spend the entire to meeting the night before we spent all the time talking about what stories to talk about with. When when when south carolina blows out the citadel. And they're right. All of a sudden the citadel starts winning the game. And i'm like talking to people. I said what am i supposed to do here. They said well you're obviously interview. The citadel coach after the game and i distinctly remember him being rather rooted halftime and i checked with their people and he said well. This guy really doesn't like you. I said it's not really my problem. I said why doesn't he like me. So when senator played florida state. I think the previous year you said you referred to the citadel as a high school team. I'm not sure he's going to talk to you I said well we all. So i walked up to. I don't remember the guy's name he's not there anymore. Obviously and i just said coach. Congratulations and he. He he got over his dislike of me to talk about how important win was but It was it was amazing to watch the game from the field. Yes sir I was there in nineteen ninety one that year as well so no i didn't go. I didn't realize you guys investment success. Hey thank you for the call. I do appreciate it and you brought back some rather bizarre memories. Tim is in pennsylvania. Hello tim how're you doing. Paul thanks for taking my phone call. Once before i'm the guy that lives in johnstown pennsylvania halfway between stay each and i have a lot of friends that are penn state alum and pit alarm and i graduated from auburn and i got a picture of review the day that the sec sec nation was down in auburn uber's leading at lunchtime in the wellness kitchen with a group of students. Oh coming out in member. Yes when i left my car with my wife at the counter so is so excited to meet you and all that anyway so my friend michael you check a graduate nineteen eighty-four. He's an engineer from penn state. And he. he's he's done well so he gave them years ago. A large amount of money in a A rolling scholarship. That goes to students every year in his parents name. So i called my buddy. Mike months ago like in the spring. I said you know what you gotta take care of. You gotta get me. Some penn state auburn tickets. Well he got us in to the president barron's tailgate his house starting at four thirty. Oh my let me go there. We yes we go. There couldn't get the tickets offers. Her name is jennifer jen. She's in the alumni relations. Her job is to recruit.

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