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Here's Jerry Recco. Well, Susan certainly an emotional win for the Houston. Texans on Monday night football shore. They've now one eight straight has gone from Brita eight and three beat the titans thirty four seventeen but beyond that they one week after they lost their owner in Bob McNair, JJ watt says there absolutely was added meaning to the victory feels great. I mean, obviously, we love. Winnings, always bearing losing. And the one thing that I was aware. He wanted was a wintering wanted to win every week in one team that can win and bringing championship to the city. And so to be able to win eight straight and to be able to win tonight for him was was good. Keep doing that. For him to Shawn Watson threw for two hundred and ten yards. Couple touchdowns. Ran for another both of those touchdown passes. Went to Thomas and Lamar Miller for the monster. Ninety seven yard touchdown run in the second quarter, Tennessee after the laws will play the jets on Sunday giants and bears on Sunday. Pat, Shurmur did announced the man who remains his starting quarterback NBA tonight the Knicks right three game winning streak into Detroit. Take on the pistons the designate Ronald to raise for assignment while the Mets hired Jim Riggleman has their bench coach on the ice last night. Chris Kreider third period goal proves to be the difference. Rangers beat the senators four two capitals over the islanders four one. Nick dowd. The go ahead goal in the second period. Brayton Hopi made thirty two saves in the devils had leads to nothing and three two in Florida. Get lost to the Panthers in overtime four three. Mike Hoffman the game winner. One twenty eight into the OT sports fifteen and forty five around the clock. Jerry recco. Ten ten wins. Sports. Forty three degrees. We have mostly sunny skies. The humidity sixty percent Windsor west at fifteen gusting to thirty miles an hour. Forty-three going up to forty six in central park wins. News time ten Forty-six getting ready to light the world's most famous Christmas. Tree. That's coming up..

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