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Republicans would do well to stop fighting among themselves. Henry John Temple Lord Paul Merson was the prime minister of the United Kingdom during the American Civil War. He celebrated for saying many memorable things about politics, including his remark about an up and coming politician nearly 50 years. His junior, the conservative Robert Cecil, beware of that young man. Palmer's had said he possesses one of the secrets of success for instead of defending himself in his cause, he attacked The other side. The GOP out to ponder that observation is a considers its course is the loyal opposition. For all the talk about sports within the respective parties, the sharpest, deepest divide remains between the two parties. The GOP out to attack the other side, not themselves, while in the minority Republicans should attack the points of difference, drawing distinctions with Democrats and not with each other. Unless, of course, they'd like to remain in the minority. I'm you heal it. Investigators say they suspect a throttle problem may have been a factor in January's Indonesian plane crash. Experts say amount functioning automatic throttle may have caused the pilots to lose control. Leading to the Boeing planes plunge into the job's see just minutes after taking off from Jakarta on January 9, killing all 62 people on board. A lead investigator says the left engine's throttle lever had moved back put on his own, while auto pilot was engaged, reducing the power output off the engine just before the plunge. The experts have issued a preliminary report providing details off the pilot struggle to fly the plane from almost as soon as it became airborne. I'm Charles Villa Death March Branch, Chiyoda News Agency and others reported on Thursday that Yoshihiro Mori will stepped out on Friday as president of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee. This is town hall dot com. Larger numbers of immigrant families have been crossing the US Mexico border. In the first weeks of President Biden administration, warning signs are emerging of the border crisis that marked former President Trump's term. Hundreds of newly released immigrants are getting dropped off with nonprofit groups and there are growing accounts of prolonged detention and short term facilities. Measures to control the virus have sharply cut space and holding facilities that got overwhelmed during a surge of arrivals in 2018 and 19. To deal with the new influx. The Border Patrol on Tuesday reopened a large tent facility in South Texas for Children and families. Meanwhile, long term facilities for.

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