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Every still spit up. I'M GONNA have to get a new copy of it did you buy that. Lori cassettes It was a it was a Christmas present to me but I believe they found it on Amazon so I think that. I don't think it's hard to find that it's a it's a it's set audible. Good all right. 'cause I like I said I recorded this off the radio. Maybe that's why after being that's why it's after being translated over and over and over again it's slightly sped up. I agree one hundred percent forty second anniversary a hard to believe hitchhikers guide fancier and everything in the universe for deaths right forty. Oh that's why it's a big deal over donald less. I said that last week when I recommended that Vilson feel beg that all my life has ever since I was a little kid. Part of me was like at some point. I'm going to have to acquire a bag. That's what I figure is exactly like what Ford Prefect was traveling. The universe with as a field as a as a field contributor hitchhiker talent and of course. I feel exactly that that. That's that's why that's why because you can put the towel on top of it and then there's a lot on the on the there's the I think the one you're looking for is narrated by Peter Jones Simon Jones. You know the long lineages audiobook which is like Stephen Fry and Martin Focus. That's fine. It's very good. You should have it all you should. Yeah it's true. You should pretty much everyone that I know. If you say I've got I've got a question. The the the the reaction always forty two. This is like you know. And then and then and then we can figure it out. It's show James Thompson. Rene Ritchie has a great Pick for us as well Rene. Yeah so in order to compete with Andy who just kept looking more and more realistic. Every week I had to up my Webcam Game. I tried everything I tried. Dealers tried Cinta cameras. Nothing worked so finally I broke down and I. It's not quite what Lorie had last time I think she had something a little bit fancier but I got the Logitech Four K. camera. And it's just yeah. Yeah it's just. It's the detainees P. One hundred thousand for so long and it was a good camera. It's time but when I saw Lori looked like with the latest and greatest technology I had I knew I had dealt my game. So it's a little bit pricier. It's one ninety nine I was thinking about it. I was thinking I was thinking. Wow you look really good. I figured you just you just got the new Web Or is it the Capture Him is that right. Is that what you have Lori? Os sorry it's the Stream Cam so but yeah so the stream so I thought that was you just. You just followed what she did But you know I swerved you wouldn't even better now. It looks good. Looks really good. And it's good now because everyone is stressing remote work and distancing and all these things and if you if you use MAC books for all of their virtues do not have good Webcam. It's not something. That apple has prioritized over super slim. Lives so this it can either I have mine on a guerilla pod but you can unscrew the little flap there and just mounted on tripod you you want but you can get it with this and just put on the back of your display especially if you don't have a Webcam and just the better you look the more like in real life I find the experience feels it is. Usb On that side it does not USB see on the other side. I felt a little bit like I was caught in a time machine so I just pulled that plug out. It's like a proper USB USB there. There's there's Andy's version hopefully helping out because you can't show off this camera because you're using the scam using it mine. Yep Yep so yes. Here's the the IT's a big? It's a big advantage over the previous edition of this camera because On the previous edition the what the thing that lets you. Screw it into a tripod him purchase on top of your monitor as actually like hard mounted into the thing which made it almost impossible to like PAC for travel but when it comes with a detachable version of that The only the only caveat I will give if you have an older Mac like twenty fifteen Ma- or excuse me. I've let's say a mid range. I five Mac. From a few years ago. You might find that the You can't stream in four K. Or use the digital zoom features of it. Because I found that when I when I have this plugged into my macbook by Matt by two Thousand Fifteen macbook pro. It is a four K camera and the logitech software you can download. Let's use digital zoom. So you're still getting full. Hd even though you're using digital zoom but it was still pumping so much data into that into that USB port that it was downscaling it is quite severely. So I wasn't getting the advantages. I thought it was going to be able to get out of a more modern Mac and higher higher capacity mce works great and I and I really think that that logic is really kind of cornered this market as far as high quality cameras. I mean whether it's the nine twenty s. We were our standard for a long time. And I think they now have the nine twenty two and then the Stream Cam and then the Brio and I think that's the best class of of cameras right now at different price points And I've tested a lot of Webcam you know and and I think the detail that were that that you see And even just the what it does with light sensitivity and control over the campus. I think is the best. It's not it's not just the resolution. If you're a nine twenty it really is like I. I'm actually doing this with the nine twentieth. Still haven't I need to swap out some hardware as you will not see quite so much of this blooming? You'd see better shadow detail Once I swap out I I'm I'm swapping new nuke new computer onto the station and that's what I'm going to be Putting this in permanently but you can see the difference. It's it's a good. It's a good situation but it'll be a lot lot better just with simply tonality so even if you don't care about four K. You'll get a big improvement in the video quality and you really can't I mean we've done some stuff where we're taking multiples of these cameras and plugging them in and using wire cast or obese where you're jumping between those cameras if you're really looking for a cost effective way to Do live streaming. Is You know that that starts out. I got that black magic mini eight. Tim I was GonNa pick the cannon see five hundred Tulio that has hd and my out but it's not a great Webcam. Yeah that's also probably more than two hundred bucks. I'm guessing thank you. Good pick could pick We've used logitech cameras and set them out for years but that one looks even better than usual. That's really good Ladies and gentlemen it's time for Alex Lindsay's Piccolo Awake so quick times great time. Even they still offer quick. They do free. If so quick quicktime pro there's no more quicktime quicktime. Okay it's great and I use it a lot to do screen records and to playback stuff and it's on everything and you can pop it open but some of us need something more refined well you need. Let's crops flops. I do do need so i. I actually needed this because I I almost everything on my black magic hammer in in log and so being able to have look being able to open something up and then have a look up table and being able to really look at what. I'm you know and having a more refined player than I can use. So this is a green log is a professional format that doesn't like rhythmic. It doesn't but But the people so if you're out there shooting in law and then posting it to youtube any transparent shame on. That's a weird look at the reason. Because you're getting more data but you have you have to play a lot. Look up table otherwise it won't look like it. Was someone coffee on it. Yeah so so the You have to look up table and and you can do that final cut. You can do it in a lot in affects and premier all those things but but the the IDEAS THAT. I've what do I want to open it? I just want to view it I wanNA have you know Really be able to play with what that looks like Being able to kind of have Look at image sequences All of these things are things that are important and so this is a great APP. It feels pro. It has the tools that you need And so if you're really looking you know there's all these things that people like me really want and so if you're listening and you're really into more looking for a pro Player that really gives you all that kind of power user data. I think this is the best solution. I've I've found as a kind of a lightweight Playback tool that I can just kind of opened up. It's not like opening in the final cut opening to something. This is what you're tick tock videos. Now he's fine. This is what I what I preview the playbacks on you know so. Yeah so Ninety Nine Bucks a year twenty nine bucks thereafter It's IT'S. It's not something that if you just need a price but for pro that's not a big number in it and all of these tools to be all kind of put in here and you can do some export and Trans Code. So no I love for all of the features. It's got just a pure clean display. Well and the other nice thing about it is. You can't hide it. Also like a little carrot. They're on the right and you can roll it up. Roll it down. So you're not stuck with having all but you can open it up and then have all these tools. So it's it it does allow you to have kind of a clean Aperture when you when you want it And so I just think that this is how you turn on all now. This is how you really if you're doing kind of pro work and you want to be able to view it. It's not for your average person to just put you know to get. The Senate also works with they have another one called lattice which allows you to kind of build a lot sort of great new lots and and work with what's so and so forth so There's a couple of different options there and so it's a but it's a. It's a very useful quite amazing when a lot of stuff in here. Yeah I like the Barcode. I haven't used the Barcode. It's kind of like I was kind of like. I don't know what to do with that but I think that it does give you A look of your entire film so if you had something really long you can take a look at it and see if In some of this gives you a sense of what color is you're going through in different scenes But I again I So the Barcode basically takes the kind of the color from any given frame and put them all together. Squeezes all together into one Long image looks like Barco Barco but you kind of like if your film gloomy and grey it will be gloomy and grey like. This is the gloomy. You can see here that you had the act. One was sonny right and then act to was very gray. Act Three was sunny again so they they got him. They describe the tree and act one. They got him up the tree inactive and they got him down the tree. I interviewed recently. Karston That does this for movies. Like this was his thing he was doing and he was doing big prints big long prince but he couldn't ever get Hollywood to buy into it. Was somebody really cool? And I've just forgot. Screen is available from video village. Dot Co dot. Co for ninety..

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