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Football game adviser fraud winds her I love those and then of course the well well what's signed up nineteen ninety nine and there's no way that I can say it like those German debt we should mention the very memorable coca Cola ad from nineteen eighty the Pittsburgh Steelers mean Joe Greene a little kick sand catches up with them and give them a coke can have it okay and it coincided with mean Joe smile really well and I think it also surprised people that mean Joe Greene wasn't all that means all right now I want to hear about the abject failures well I should mention the nation why infamous point commercial the funny thing about that is it seems like it was heading into one direction control of is a die from an accident yeah it was a record scratch moment if the backlash over this was intense and in fact it was so bad that nationwide ended up issuing a statement later that night I would have to include in the nineteen seventy three spot with Joe Namath and Farrah Fawcett the title of which is let not seem a cream your face it's just basically Joni Mitchell I was to put children on this make your eyeballs I I recommend it if you're ready for it Robert Calera senior editor for ad week thank you very much for talking to us today it was my pleasure also you're listening to All Things Considered from NPR news KQED traffic at six eighteen starts in Santa Rosa here's Julie Delpy southbound one a one and steel Laney this were three vehicles mixed it up and they are still in the middle lane there little trouble on the peninsula redwood city the wood side the off ramp from south one of one two vehicle wreck their blanking at least a one of the lanes on the ramp and near the cemetery bridge he.

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