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Mm hey listeners of the frame i mean any gilbertson investigative reporter at kpcc here to tell you about a new podcast we think you might like called repeat the story starts with a string of officer shootings in south la you'll hear from witnesses deep dive into homicide records and come with me as i look for the truth i'll talk to deputies interviewed gang members i'm told more than once to get lost all right subscribe to repeat in apple podcast bore wherever you like to listen welcome back to the frame i'm john horne i'm talking with the presidents of the producer guild of america lorry mccreary and gary lucchessi about the pj's efforts to end sexual harassment and abuse in hollywood mccreary has been a producing part with morgan freeman for many years and she's the executive producer on the cbs show madam secretary kerry the casey's film credits include the underworld movies and he's currently shooting an action movie with jennifer garner for both of them the mi2 movement that began with activists tirana burke and exploded with actress elissa milano was a wakeup call lorry macquarie's has a key element that's a little harder to regulate with these pga guidelines is how they can make sure people who report abuse or harassment don't suffer retaliation in the industry leak hanonen indvidual production guarantee that there's not gonna be retaliation against you on this production but because our industries made up of multiple independent or studiobased productions hundreds of them at a time we need to figure out a way that that retaliation doesn't follow them that the lack of retaliation continues on in other words just because you're not you can report someone on my film and we are going to treat you with respect and go through the actual procedures that that prevent you from being retaliated against it doesn't mean that you're going to go to another show and someone might not say something about what happened on the show before so i'm were hopeful that this hollywood commission that's led by anita hill we'll have kind of an overarching fact on our business where the reporting can go into that type of an what we call an uber hr type organization that might allow the non retaliation to.

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