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It's a homeland experience i got great teammates and great franchise behind this so just wanted to come out here you know straight to have nights like this but it's better to be in the playoffs so we'll do i love him by the way everybody in the world told me anthony davis gonna wreck this league and de'andre jordan and and joel embiid this is the guy i've been saying this for two years i've seen him play live three time he gets after wraps he gets after teammates he literally disposes of nba bigs this kid i don't want to hear about the andre jordan i wanna hear about anthony davis i don't wanna hear about joylin be i don't wanna hear about nerlens noel i watched him i turned it in this category okay this is the greatest center talent in a decade to come into this league this kid is incredible and i really appreciate that afterwards he said i am humbled by this i have a great team and coaches behind me but really what matters is the playoffs god i love him he can shoot free throws eighty he can shoot free throws god he's a great player i just really like the way that he talks all right christine of the news well that's the news thanks for stopping by heard lie odell beckham rams talk is heating up i just wanna give you heads up on this we're going to stay on this odell beckham rams talk is heating up and let me just give a couple minutes here and then i'm going to take a break and get chrome butler on the show the reason at teething up is this this is what i hear.

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