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Now two 48 Driving in weather on the 8th and when it breaks to rich hunter in the WTO traffic center If you're traveling 95 nor found before you get up to the Prince William Parkway and Prince William county the crash just before the exit for Prince William park ex at one 58 involving a track to trail that blocks the left lane the authorities are out with its state right to get by against Nord found 95 before the Prince William Parkway crashed along the left side you stay right to get by the express lanes get by without delay Now I heard from one of our listeners coming into the district via branch avenue in the intersection of branch avenue in southern avenue the signal lights are dark there was no police direction Metropolitan Police has been notified So hopefully I can get a unit out there and help some folks make it through that intersection a little more safely so be careful Elsewhere in the district for now no major issues on I two 95 or D.C. two 95 headed into town still in good shape along suitland Parkland south capital street no issues on the freeway now the direction also running well on both sides of New York avenue from northeast to northwest Over in northeast to stretch a 62nd street of enclosed between Dick's straight and clay street in northeast at as a result of a police investigation into the curd late last night and utility work continues on E street that is closed between second and first streets northwest Again D.C. water on scene for the repairs If you like numbers you'll love the mayoral and lotteries new pick 5 game There are two pick 5 drawings per day and you could win up to $50,000 playing new pick 5 today and please play responsibly rich hundred of YouTube traffic A very warm night across our region temperature still in the 60s we've got debt where wins gusting 30 to 40 mph and still seeing a couple of showers out there so give yourself a little.

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