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From California. Uniformly welcomed by the Democratic Party. Which has a very high bar held by the progressives. The soft cell of Camelot harasses underway. Here in these coast, the New Yorker, profiling her three hundred page autobiography very carefully presented a very wedding story. A child born to educate a couple. Father from Trinidad mother from the subcontinent. India? A divorce follows early in communist live mother moves to Oakland and road. I take not a good upscale neighborhood of Oakland. This is many years ago. Carmela goes through a largely African American school, which is a product of segregation so much has house. Zip code is used to be difficult with people who are educated but cannot afford rent in any event is a winning story. It's a tree grows in Brooklyn story. It's roic and the New Yorker lays it out beautifully. This tells me that Kabul Harris is the one right now. There are other candidates. However, I turned her policy because with her very clear and articulate presentation, she is with the progressive left. There are some twists with two particular matters highlighted by professor Lee or hanging who's at the Hoover Institution. The Democrats have presented policies that are right now. Demonstrably ineffective. Professor a very good evening to you. Carla Harris is a good speaker. She's she's. Mm successfully followed. The speaking Hayden says not a Barack Obama more Michelle Obama. She's very good. And the presentation made it Oakland before twenty thousand people was greatly effective. It's a it's a measure of everybody else that they have to have a rollout. Like that. However, you have identified two of our policies that require explication. But at the same time show weakness at her thinking about what is to be done when she's in the Oval Office. I the minimum wage what is her position? And what do we know about minimum wage and jobs? Good evening to you, professor time. Good evening. Yes. Kamala Harris supports. The democratic view of a fifteen dollars an hour. Minimum wage the Democratic Party consistently try out a line that we can raise the minimum wage, and it won't affect jobs when Barack Obama's president. He stated that in a state in a state of the union address. He said there is no convincing evidence that raising the minimum wage will reduce jobs, and and that's just flat out wrong almost every well executed study shows that increase in minimum wage will reduce jobs, and it's sometimes it's a little bit hard to see because the impact of an increase the minimum wage can be a hundred times larger ones businesses have had had a chance to adjust and this includes automating jobs moving jobs offshore. Moving businesses from high minimum, which states to low minimum wage states. And ironically, this policy really really damages the lives of people whom the Democratic Party often points to have says these are people it's a policy. That's completely contrary to the interests of those people there are minimum wage cities. Now, do we have studies from those cities showing? A retreat and the number of a startup tops. Yes. Seattle is a city with a minimum wage city. And yes, there are job losses in Seattle. What's interesting is that there are some old minimum wage studies that have been proven more recently to just be demonstrably wrong. They have glaring data errors and all players. And what's unfortunate is that the Democratic Party continues to cite those studies as evidence that the minimum wage doesn't doesn't reduce jobs? Essentially is as an economist. We like to say you raise the price of something and people buy less of it. And there's no reason why that law economics doesn't apply to lower skill labor. It really really impacts heavily very young people who don't have a lot of work experience just in the process of gaining skills and immigrants who have yet to assimilate and who may not have a good command of the English language in terms of communication. These are people him the Democratic Party says these these are these are voters these are the laws and policies the word those people say professor commonsensical. So what we have here is something that really cannot be debated. The Democrats are saying the sky's falling unless there's from minimum wage, and you're demonstrating that the sky does not fall when when when the minimum wage reflects the marketplace and that when you raise it begins to fall on the league. I the most the least among us. That's you know, it's really not a debate. I can enter into professor I mean, you're you're demonstrate that the that the list of markets are damaged you can show that their damaged and yet the Democrats continue the spotlessly. No. That's exactly right. People today often talk about political elite, and there's a group within the Democratic Party. The governor of my state, California, Gavin Newsom being one of them, incredibly wealthy people. Who think they're helping workers by saying, hey, we'll raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. Twenty dollars an hour, and they often mask in terms of being a living wage, well only about zero not even zero point four percent of fulltime workers are minimum wage earners. And for many of those workers their wages rise for very quickly. I mean, what's really disappointing to me as a communist is within the Democratic Party there. Cyst a declining base who believe that a free market place is is a way for everybody to have opportunities and succeed, and that view that I think this country was founded on and and succeeded on for for hundreds of years is one that's really dying within the Democratic Party. And it's really very very sad that we have a couple of minutes, and this requires more attention, but you highlighted in your defining ideas pace at the Hoover Vergara versus California. The case was school children who had standing brought a lawsuit against the state saying that the the number of ineffective. Teachers were depriving them of a decent education dicamba Harris as attorney general take a position in this case. She certainly did she worked with. Teacher labor union to fight that lawsuit. And when the judge when the trial judge in the case ruled for the school children who brought a constitutional equal protection argument to the to the view that they were receiving poor education because there are thousands of what the drought just call grossly ineffective. Teachers in schools in the poorest neighborhoods today after that the trial judge ruled in favor of school children on every count camel Harris filed an appeal literally day after that the trial judge announced his opinion. We're just had a settlement in Los Angeles United school district where it is very clear that the children are not being well served. You can't miss it. She's a junior Senator from California. I don't know if she's taking that position. I did not know the Laras had had filed an appeal against schoolchildren. It's surprising the twists and turns of. This. Yes. Yes. She I mean, I think she was really working in concert with the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party receives enormous contributions from politically very powerful teacher union, the American federation of teachers writing why gardens outfit. Absolutely, absolutely. And I don't know. I think I would love to see a democratic politician. Take a stand against the teacher's union. I have not seen it. I would love to hear from one who who did at. And it's not really about the school. Teachers, many of whom are just remarkable. It's really about the unions represent those teachers, right and camera Harris.

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