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Our Sports USA, Los Angeles Studios or we are most proud to bring you every minute of the Stanley Cup final and we are down to crunch time. It's do or die, or it's golfing season for the Montreal Canadians who trail Tampa Bay 03 in the best of seven final, and only one team has ever come back from dropping the first three games and going on to win the Cup. In 27 tries and 20 of those clubs getting the sweep. And that was the 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs over Detroit. And no, I wasn't there. But leaves Captain Syl Apps was and he got to skate off with the Stanley Cup that sits in the building tonight, waiting for the now probable back to back run by the Lightning. Meanwhile, the last sweep in the Cup final was in 1998 when Detroit put away Washington and who is the captain of the wings and their M v p that season? Stevie I Zerman, the man who helped put this Tampa Bay Club on the championship map. So a little trivia for you to play with their as we get you ready for Game four last Friday night, saw the first Cup final game played in Montreal in 28 years in the home team lost 6 to 3. The haves had everything in their favor, except for maybe the rosters. It was the emotional return of interim head coach Dominic Ducharme from Covid Protocol. They had a small but loud and proud, very boisterous 3500 fans in the building and many more outside chanting. We want the cup, but it was Tampa Bay that came out flying, and they not only scored first, but twice in the 1st 3.5 minutes of the 1st and 2nd periods, which was just too much to overcome. For the haves and oh, not only haven't a Canadian scored first yet in this series, but they're yet to get a lead, which is by far when they are at their best 26 giveaways in Game three by the haves after just five in each of the first two games, hardly the recipe for success first time in 12 tries this postseason. Montreal has scored at least two goals in a game and lost Now. It feels like months ago when the Canadians won seven straight and scored first in each of those to get here. Module did get back in the game two with a big first goal of the playoffs by Phillip Danault in the opening period to make it 2 to 1, Tampa and then it was only 1 40 into the second period when the Canadians made one of their too many bad mistakes that may have cost them the game and really the series. Gallagher feeds it across the line on left wing and Lincoln and his angled off good play by Anthony Cirelli. They're allowing them to stretch it. They caught the Canadians on the change a lot. Gets it over and Kuchar off scores. A bad change by the Canadians costs them dearly. It's 31 Tampa Bay and what an alert play. By the Tampa Bay defense again. They've been involved in every goal. John Hollers Joe Micheletti on the call Here on Sports USA. It's been always something from Montreal in this series, and not usually a good thing. What's caused the most are bad line changes that even cause that killer to an old goal uncharacteristic turnovers in bad locations. Odd man rushes galore and They've never had the lead in the series, which has only happened to other times and Stanley Cup final history when it was all said and done, and coach Ducharme has some thoughts on the importance of scoring first now. Well, I think it's huge against anything it would be, uh, something important. At the same time. Cannot stop lying. And you know if you don't score the first goal, so you know, we want to have a good start. I thought, uh, I thought last game we, uh it's not that we had a bad start is just They made us period right away on a on a nice thing and and on the power play. Uh fuck that we to understand. Uh so we need to, uh Managed to start the right way. Come out dynamic, active. Playing our game. And, uh, you know, getting that first goal for sure will be important. And then there's Carey Price, who was standing on his head, with or without a helmet all playoffs long from Montreal. But in this series against the best on the planet, the Habs Future Hall of Fame goalie ISO and three with the 4 39 goals against at an 8 35 save percentage. He's allowed two goals in the first four minutes of a playoff game. For the first time in 87 career starts, and that can't get you one win, let alone a chance to win the cup and he knows the score. Now you don't have a choice. Uh, you know, we've we've overcome adversity all season long. And you know racks are obviously against the wall. So we're going to start bringing our best. Yes, an understatement for sure. And don't ask his coach. If there will be a change in goal for this must win carries a guy playing Monday so If you wonder, or people wonder about who is going to be in that Kerry is going to be in that. And, yeah, you can talk about one guy and another guy. It's about all of us. To borrow all of us. We need to be better in front of him. Everyone all 20 guys putting on the jersey you know, are looking for Monday night playing their best game, that's it. And so how are some of price's teammates sounding now that their backs are super glued against the wall? Well, Brendan Gallagher was actually asked if he can take any positives from that disastrous game three loss. You just have to Correct the mistakes. I mean, it's your here. I'm not gonna sit here and take a whole lot of positive. We We believe we can play with these guys. We believe it since Game one. We just haven't shown it enough now for a full 60 minutes. Uh, you know, we've had we've had spurts where we've you know, everything We've talked about. Everything we've done is work. But there's just been mistakes in our in our game. And, um, you know, we're playing too good of a hockey team. They're you know, they're deep everywhere. They're going to capitalize. Gonna make you pay. Uh, so you know, the positives are this This team has been In many holes. This change been doubted, but the character in that locker room isn't going anywhere. That's something that, uh, we're going to keep competing. Keep playing. In terms of how the games are being played. We need to get better. Sorry for the possible record amount of cliches ahead, But here they come, as expected under the circumstances. Josh Anderson, What's your mindset to stay positive? Um, you know, we're here for a reason. And, um, obviously, we've dug ourselves a little bit of a hole here and, um, the mood slight right now. And, um, we have a job to do, and we're gonna Do everything we can to, um, stay in this thing and fly out Tampa and on Tuesday, so everyone just getting prepared for tomorrow night's game, and, um, we're all going to compete and work hard and put off full effort in Of course, Tomorrow night is now tonight and many moons ago, I was the radio voice of Wisconsin hockey and their leader, then badger. Bob Johnson had some wonderful sayings. Not sure if this was his or not, but what should be hanging in the Canadians locker room right now became a championship slogan and Madison 60 minutes. No alibis. No regrets when we already know it's a great day for hockey because it always is, and even more so, with the perfectly shined up Stanley Cup in the building, along with our.

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