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And you know and you have to wonder is this sustainable to is it a compatible without lifespan of one hundred and ten probably not as it wasn't for the monkeys so that's where then you know becky today's i made the fight completely starved year bacteria or a completely starve yeast they live longer and stronger right so longer strong meaning you hit him with toxins nothing they're very strong and baltimore and if you look at bacteria and yeast east as you carry it so they're being separated by hundreds of millions of years so i started thinking is possible that you could do this for every organism and it's going to make a stronger and protective for a long period and that's where a lot of this comes from and so jumping ahead twenty years then is the mouse is that we i did which were what if you take a mouse and you give fast in making that why is it a festive making diet is you know what i was talking earlier about the nutrients determine what genes are activated or not so if you have a certain composition low protein low level certain amino acids and then i have no sugar high carbohydrate below sugar and highfat by good fats right all that you put it together then the response of the system is just like if you give it what it only fast and you just give water and you hit for for four days and then you put them back on a bed diet relatively bad is a vegan so four vegan days for the mice and then ten days of animal based either and then you keep doing this twice a month now we show that the mice live longer about eleven percent longer but the remarkable part is the cancers were reduced by almost fifty percent and and inflammatory diseases were by fifty percent and these mice just their cognitive abilities was was much improved right so they just look younger.

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