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The regime to collapse either because that gives them a lot of refugees it may have it makes cars the unification of the peninsula with us intelligence uh facilities i'm not on the alley river which are we know how sensitive the chinese are about enemy out forces or intelligence sights on the yellow river because that's what triggered the chinese invasion in the korean war which um you know the us had to retreat back to the thirty eight th parallel so anyway uh they're very sensitive about that border and out but at the same time that the koreans caused them a lot of problems because they provoke the united states the united states feels it needs to uh put more forces in that area to offset career and of course the chinese would like less us forces or fewer us forces uh in that area because there are an expanding power than w they wanna become a power in their own right so basically what the chinese of sad is that if us tax uh north korea china will have to come to its aid but if a north korea attacks the south of town at the chinese have been very clear about that policy uh so they sort of an ally that they have to the fan and um you know it goes against their trading relationships with south korea which are very lucrative because the south now has um forty times the gdp of the north which of course leads us if we really want to ask the big question is why are we still there defending south korea when they're much richer than the desk teach starving nation but perhaps we should clean them off our our defense umbrella at of course that's why he's developing longrange missile so that he can threaten the united states uh bill clinton was going to negotiate that away uh but decided that he couldn't accept it because they can get rid the short range missiles which threaten our allies so that's sort of leading the alliance sleep the way in our in our thinking but uh you know we've always done that and so we have pledged to defend south korea and japan but we've never really uh um questioned whether those alliances are out of date alladays by uh you know that's a larger issue but it because.

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