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Answers the streets. Artists who had previously used streets the urban environment as his campus moves into the accepted spaces off the art world. Show me the Monet is based on the water lily pond. It's a move in a new direction for Banksy, taking instead of Streets, known artworks and making those same witty, punchy incursions into those hallowed territories of great fine paintings. Banksy, who has never disclosed his full identity began his career spray painting buildings in Bristol, England. High school teacher in Iowa has been placed on leave for assigning students to write about what they would do if they were slave who was freed. Head Donahue. AP News CORONA VIRUS Update. Good morning I met Donahue with an AP News Minutes students in France they're wondering if masks will be enough to protect them from the Corona virus. At least a dozen pope in 19 clusters have emerged since French campuses and classrooms open this month, a warning sign for countries elsewhere in Europe, where most universities are resuming soon at France's academies, like the centuries old Sorbonne University The main changes mounted tree mask wearing at all times. But keeping physical distances appears impossible. In many places. Students describe situations where there's no soap to wash their hands on where rooms sometimes with no windows to provide fresh air or not disinfected between lectures and also no spare, Chazz. Survey. Two rivals have to sit on the floor. I'm Charles Ledesma. The Supreme Court in Brazil is suggesting attendees at last week's inauguration of its chief justice be tested after six others confirmed they have the Corona virus. I made Donahue AP.

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