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They've held a pretty we'll all night long their car's been fast and the right up an eight stayed out of all that stuff bellamy set this up for you this way joe tie dillon david reagan aj all but dinger ricky stenhouse this fourth take him out of the sequel asian clint boyer fifth pole menards six eric jones seven denny hamlin back at night chris buscher intent what are those drivers all have in common but they've not one yet in the 2017 season and you talk about hunger these guys as we're down to only ten races through to go in the regular season they want to be in the playoffs at season's end and the only way they're going to do it at this point is by winning a race and this is one vacant where they probably won't have as good a chance rusty wallace moving on a kentucky speedway next week or two indianapolis sorta pocono or michigan some of those tracks this is a place that any of those guys have a real good chance of winning what's your with ten agree with you no doubt about that they're some of these wrecks that didn't happen that i watched that should have i mean i looked out there i saw la eric jones coming down the front straightaway dead sideways begging off each other and we were so busy talk about the action in front back we really didn't even get to talk about that will but here's a guy eric joe owns a premior shorttrack racer won the coveted snowball derby down in florida he's one of the best out there but he hasn't won a cup but he watch it really really bad and this kid gave it all we possibly kid and i said he's wrecked he's gone and somehow straighten straightened out jeff and kept going yeah indeed and here's something that's real interesting joey were just talking about hungry drivers at the front of the field only two drivers in the top eighteen right now have either or have not won this year or ever in their career the two drivers and a top eighteen that have gone to victory laid their sheer jimmy johnson has done it and a missing one more ricky stenhouse ricky stenhouse hope that's it that's hungry drivers at the front of the field of that's.

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