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The run promises revenge US troops to the Middle East I'm bored that runs the supreme leader valley severe revenge on those responsible for the death of top military commander custom sum of money president trump called for the strike it was plotting attacks against Americans but now we've ensured that his atrocities have been stopped for good north when a barber's store addresses what the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mark Millie had to say is there a risk now to US safety in the region damn right there is risk Millie told reporters but to deal with that risk the US has stepped up its defenses and plans to send thousands of additional troops to the Middle East New York City Washington DC Los Angeles to Miami are on alert with the NYPD saying it has deployed additional resources to sensitive locations but said there were no credible threats at this time oil prices surging stock slipping following the strike that killed we are running in general a stand over the bank in Rockford Illinois within our man inside is over the suspect surrendering to police after holding woman hostage for more than six hours Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says it's preposterous to have an impeachment trial without calling witnesses more on that from correspondent Linda Kenya Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at first said he would not support calling any witnesses but the later said the user should be decided mid trial senator Schumer says that makes no sense he's essentially proposing to conduct the whole trial and then once the trial is basically over consider the question of evidence that makes no sense that's Alice in Wonderland logic the disagreement on the Senate floor comes as the Senate waits for the house to send over the articles of impeachment the new north American trade pact will be considered by the Senate finance committee on Tuesday I'm Bortnick this is Katie San Francisco a cumulus stations now on Amazon Alexa open the KGO eight ten scale taking a look at KGO traffic.

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