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U. S. global preeminence and the authors will William Kristol and and John Bolton among others Richard Perle said this they wrote in their little manifesto advanced forms of biological warfare can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare to be politically useful tool covert nineteen has been a politically useful tool Colwood nineteen is been suspected as a biological weapon but it's been dismissed well that's such a bad idea to call the biological weapon or a biological technology then why the hell did we take a war footing against it we know that it came from China the stories change from day to day and you never know what you're spreading when you say well I heard this I heard this on her desk and so we have to eliminate conspiracy theory so don't speculate whatever they tell you is true okay let's put some truth out there we're on a war footing against the disease now why would we put ourselves on a war footing wasn't a biological weapon we have we have the incessant attainment lockdowns they they created a a restless populace that did that basically is rebelling I I know the George Floyd is the you know the sparks gives significant contributor but I mean that's not the reason the only reason for the civil project is being realized now we're seeing advanced technology and advanced by biology being utilized now to create a disease and Rajan and people in the streets and we like I said it's it's like a zombie apocalypse as like the walking dead without the zombies it's like they they're crazy that it's more like the crazies in the zombies made you remember when I first heard the coronavirus outbreak there was talk about a group of billionaires and scientists are gathering together in order to create a sort of quote Manhattan Project destroyed covered nineteen now if you don't think about Manhattan Project was the Manhattan Project was certainly it was a group of scientists and millionaires at the sockets are like attitude we were going to compartmentalize and use large scale engineering and such to create a technology a new technology or technology is never been heard of before to put an end to World War two basically they wanted to create a doomsday technology to kill a huge number of people in order to end the war now when you think about what's going on with cover nineteen and you hear about operation warm speed you hear about the Manhattan Project all these buzz words Corbett nineteen Manhattan Project not by much like its predecessor would be the attempt by the technocrat billionaires and the scientists not only create a whopping cure all vaccine but a post biological cure that very well could have an effect on our immediate evolution what I mean by that is is that we kind of stayed off the idea of survival of the fittest because the weakest among us will died at early ages but one for pharmaceutical breakthroughs vaccines modern medicine is kept alive people with disease causing genes we've been weeded out by evolution go nineteen is now weakening us though and it's being argued that perhaps this disease is it equalizer of sorts since there really is no cure there is limited legality however this virus and yet with all the other maladies like heart disease and cancer this one gets fast tracked and why you think that is why do you think they need a Manhattan Project because a Manhattan Project was meant to create a technology a technology to end a war.

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