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So I WANNA save to give John bums. Yeah so uh-huh guys shake hands to Michael. Give us an update. You mentioned that all the money's going to the Bahamas yeah. How is the Bahamas doing new? Your son Mikey went down there. How is Aubrey and John? Were Nice to to help out here. How they doing well? The northern part of bomb got hit. So it wasn't like the whole bomb northern islands but those two islands were very important into our commerce because it was too heavily touristy islands a lot of people went. There's a lot of industry that goes to islands shipping. So that's why the economy was so hard hit by this hurricane Dorian Orient but a lot of people were displaced because a lot of those neighbors don't have the most strongly structured homes a lot of like just boarded homes and sitting. We're used to joke all the time that you grew up in a hut they're living stick together and so a lot of people have been displaced haven't been put back at home. She had to living in temporary very housing tents or basketball gyms so a lot of rebuilding needs to be done and that's GonNa take a couple of years several years. A lot of people helping a lot of people are coming down from the United States and helping with billy materials. But it's GONNA take a couple of years. These people get back in their homes. So it's a still assassinate of affairs but we're getting a lot of help and it's going to retake is we're going to recover just like America. Erico is a strong too and we're GONNA bounce back and so two risk and start coming back and visiting a beautiful island soon while Aubrey House. The radio experience. It's gone for you. You Happy Yeah Sean. So unimpressed with.

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