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Left in the NFL the bears looking ahead to the rams the bulls welcome in the next business stocks are moving higher in early trading on Wall Street and a WGN traffic this report is sponsored by invisible fence dot com when invisible fence brand be your second set of hands this holiday season they're indoor shield units can do just that by creating an invisible boundary to keep pets off furniture countertops even out of entire rooms visit invisible fence dot com to learn more that's invisible fence dot com accident on the south side sixty third and union Avenue and like three fifty five hitting the brakes cellphone between international parkway and the displays or a bridge and that's due to a crash that's blocking the left lane or on the Edens inbound twenty minutes from lake cook to the junction slow from two we on an outbound side forty minutes to lake cook road tight from the junction up to Dempster and on the Kennedy expressway heavy from Canfield all the way to Campbell it's an hour and twenty from here into downtown forty seven from Montrose thirty in those express lanes the outbound side forty eight minutes out to o'hare airport the Eisenhower inbound fifty six minutes from three ninety to the old post office thirty nine and from Mannheim outbound side just a half an hour to man I'm in forty two out of three ninety Stevenson an hour from three fifty five in the lake shore drive have you from Harlem mackenzie and slow between Ashland in lake shore drive fifty and from the tri state outbound side stop and go out to the Rhine and then it opens up a little bit thirty four minutes to the tri state Dan Ryan ninety fifth into the circle just over half an hour slow from forty seven to the burn fifty seven type from one hundred nineteenth into the right twenty nine minutes from I. eighty on in and the bishop for twenty eight from eighteen ninety four into the Dan Ryan the personalized traffic and make it the traffic Chicago approved by the mortgage experts of team Hochberg just urge T. R. A. F. F. I. X. Chicago I'm Jan de salvo from the ida traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death the forecast for the WGN Chicago weather center here's meteorologist Tim McGill sunny breezy and very cold today as a matter fact record called high temperatures expected won't get get up to around nineteen or twenty.

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