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First concert revealed only where Charlotte North Carolina I let my boyfriend had to go you can feel I've been around home the live with Kelly and Ryan sent me to meet him like last year and that the Greek or two years ago last meal on earth last man on earth good guacamole good ships great Bourbon that's all I need and how do you fall asleep at night is there something that you do something sort of is there a show you watch music you listen to do you have to have a certain Elaine get like what's here what's your way I am meditate though and meditate the last thing in the day I don't like to take my I'm really subjective brain and I don't like to take my day into my dreams because I feel like I get a lot of information in my dreams so I meditate for at least you know fifteen twenty minutes inhale and exhale on yes and thank you in love just kind of to get my Adam's aligned and then just get neutral before I fall asleep what's your favorite TV show of all time of all time first right now succession yes and maybe it will be of all time I have to say I remember watching the O. G. Twilight Zone with my dad when I was little and I still tune in now and those episodes below my mind like when Burgess Meredith wake steps on his classes at the end of the has all the time in the world to read and he steps on its classes like there was always a quest to such good storytelling my favorite sitcom of all time is Frasier and a year on Fraser until recently the I remember you as the woman in the dry cleaners leads spray paint on her jacket it comes in it's a great episode it was and that's the basis for our and then lastly I'm curious what era do you identify with fashion lies seventies **** love the seventies I really right right the seventies yeah yeah yeah I what is it about seventy I just love the ease of it all the like rock and roll five easy smoky eight lake group they weren't afraid of glitter only an hour at lemay but it all was the way everything draped is just glorious it didn't seem to fight the body it just seemed to make it more this is sexy and glorious and whatever you had it enhanced and I just think it thank you so much Bellamy they are coming on and talking about the new show scandal fashion everything.

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