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'cause right now you don't know Jakob Johnson in the backfield or Johnny Smith in the backfield. I'm talking about Johnny in the backfield. Okay. Because he did it once last week, one play they did it. So, to me, and the challenge is obviously that John is going to need a crash course in blitz pick up from a running back perspective, right? Which is, that's hard, especially against a team like Tampa. That is extremely difficult to come in first game and throw them out there and have them pick up blitzes from the backfield. But first and foremost, Jakob Johnson, they tried to put him in that role some last week and he did not do particularly well, picking up blitzes in butts for protection. He was as big of a problem as anybody else in blitz pickup. I think PFF gave him like a 2.3 grade in past protection or something crazy like that. So on top of the fact that Johnny Smith has experience playing out of the backfield in his past stops in a little bit so far with the Patriots in camp and a couple of times in games. He is definitely a sturdier option in terms of taking on blitzing linebackers and DBs to be able to pass protective. We know he's a good run blocker. And maybe that can unlock him a little bit in terms of just scheme versatility as well, throwing him swing passes, screens, little end arounds, you know, handoffs, tossed his things like that, right? Like other ways to get Johnny Smith the ball in space. Maybe you can present themselves out of the backfield. So, in my mind, I don't know. I think that's not a terrible idea. I don't think it's a terrible idea. They should have been doing it from the beginning because it just makes them more creative in the passing game. Yeah. I agree, but I think we can maybe hope that that is going to come along and I said in a couple different places that the Patriots 11 personnel package with the Kendrick Bourne Jacoby Myers and Nelson Aguilar on the field together is far more productive right now than 12 personnel is for them. And if you're not going to have James White now moving forward, I want to see what is it, I guess O2 personnel, right? No running backs. Yeah, they did that once last week. So give me, give me the three receivers with hunter Henry and Johnny Smith and zero backs and put John who in the backfield. I think that that's really the answer in passing situations for this team because Brandon Bolden is a liability. JJ Taylor and reminder Stevenson they obviously don't feel they're ready. So what are we doing? Give me the O2 personnel and get me Johnny Smith as an HVAC pass protector slash running routes out of the backfield. Thoughts. I said that they signed him that they should be using Johnny Smith out of the backfield to begin with. This.

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