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Nicole you have a visitor sting with you right now, I do. This is a year of visitors so far. This. Is What would you get for living in Southern California? Everybody wants to come. Yeah No, we have my daughter's friend. Who is back here for her fourth summer her. And she is with us for two weeks this time. In gene comes from Canada she. From a suburb Dang hoover, so not a not extra long trip like our last house guest who came from Australia. Still an adventure. Nonetheless and Yes. She's here visiting my daughter they. Win. The, the girls have known each other than were to and so she's back here again and yeah, it was just kind of thinking. Somebody asked me the other day. You know. Having a house gas. And how do we keep them busy? What do we do? And where did they stay and it just as kind of a whole thing? I mean once you. Get into the routine of having people at Your House. It's like okay time to changes sheets. Machine just starts up. North! You know get the bedroom ready. Get the cows out to. You. This whole, just yeah, this whole thing that gets set into motion and then yeah. But the the great part is this year is that my daughter is striving so there is far less for me to do. Tell nine inning. So except to stay home and worry that. You, know I've got them on my. GPS here they're actually today. They took the metrolink down to Anaheim, because they're going to A. a bid BITCON conference convention. Yeah, and so it's for youtubers and. Video creators and whatnot so. They got on the train at seven thirty this morning and went Anaheim and so they're. They're all day and yes I'm. Keeping track of them. and. Speaking, of Anaheim, do you have to go to Disney every time? Somebody comes out well. That's a really good question. We initially we initially did that. When we first moved here and started having guests here. Yeah, we would say let's go to. Disney will take you to Disney well. Yeah, that lasted like one. Here the directions. We need the new. Part of our of our house guest repetoire is Yeah getting them to Disney and hips. I surviving Disney I, to have time without. Inside..

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