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A certain kind protection but the organic farmers use a little bit differently bait do and and organic farming and distribution and sales might be cold fraud from farm to fork and you're referring to the form part of the throw it in the tech least dares a form a crump insurance scheme federal ganic farmers have been indulging in and what happens if if there's a crop failure via children's paved the farmers for the lawsuit and so what clerides organic farmers had been doing it pretending to cold gray aircraft and not expand be any any uh the money on on water or on aren't chemicals or on gilts peru for a on a tractor uh here in effect put in allow we recall a drone lamping it just not doing it and then ended a growing season the inspector comes out and certifies that indeed there's there's been a crop failure yield 200 and they get patroness and how does that work i mean how is it that the the federal folks who are overseeing is since this a federal government program and not a private industry insurance how is it that these folks are signing off that actual farming took place when it sounds like anybody who's knowledgeable could tell that real farming did not take place that i mean in saying well i tried to do this it didn't work so i get the insurance well that like you said that fraud in in the any other venue it's pruitt and an apparently it's if now source so it's not federal inspectors it's uh it's people who were certified to be inspectors and undoubtedly money changes hands as a result of this so this is really conspiracy and fraud and and a terrible ripple so that's the form portion of cook this but it but there's floored in in every aspect of this uh there's poured in the the advertising on is promoted by the federal government to the tune of one hundred sixty four million dollars a year oh triggered organic program de beer even though even know from its inception on the secretary of agriculture dan glickman during the clinton administration when the organic standards were adopted very clearly this is a marketing tool there is no implied advantage in nutrition or safety or old or quality or anything else it's a marketing tool.

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