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That seems to be what many people many people do they do but if they had been car congress black track like the professionals i seek the blackjack ball once a year if if they had been if they had that expert since the they wouldn't flinch at all so in the book you describe sort of your first tentative ventures into markets after the vegas experienced tell us how you you began investing well after i had made money both from book royalties from card com ending at blackjack and becker at in las vegas after i've done that money to invest for the first time my wife hit amix weren't paid a whole lot authen and they're not pit whole lot now my problem was the figure out how to invest the money so knowing nothing i made my collection of mistakes i paid of mr market is rather expensive tour russian to learn about her basic things that i describe in the book things that behavior of finance people understand as foolish mistakes men i sat down for whole summer enroute everything humor could on finance in a big bookstore in beverly hills you describe to summers of of of learning in the library and in the books yes how many books did you plan through what we reading world of my i go round the for summer was to read whatever they had him a big martin bills bookstore in beverly hills so it was newspapers investment books charting fundamentals or kinds of advice which which leads me to ask a question and again it's a quote of yours most stock picking stories advice recommendations are completely worthless was that was that your take way back then your is that something you learned over the years well it was wasn't my in some take away but it was something i came to fairly rapidly ploughed through all these things in what what is it that lead you to the conclusion which i completely agree with that a lot of what's out there is just either conflicted or selfinterested or noisy or not wellinformed commentary well i had a science background and i tend to draw conclusions based on information facts evidence that sold school we don't do that it's now it's all about the facts of fake news through our side gone on business news all that stuff um it's like a water running off a.

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