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I'm seeing on social media seem very politically fraught right The minute a mom right supposed saying, Hey, I want to set up a pod. There's all this condescension and judgment that suddenly slams down on her like Are you considering other families? Are you considering lower income families, you know, And then there's a lot of talk about race and racism. Conversation sort of takes a turn away from the pod, Tio. Are you doing It correctly? Are you doing it The way I think you should be doing it. You know why that's so disappointing is because as moms we have or should have learned that you're not supposed to judge other moms because everyone's doing the best that they can. Right now. It is trying times for so many families. So many families for all different reasons dealing with kids who are having behavioral issues or academic issues because their lives have been turned upside down. So parents we're going to make the best decisions for their Children and their families. And if that's going to have political undertones, and people are gonna lash out for their decisions. I think that's disappointing. Like I said earlier that some of these micro schools are saying, Look, we realised we have financial access to this, so we do want open it. Because we are aware of the larger discourse. But bottom line parents, you're going to make sure they can do the very best for their Children. And there's something else called homeschooling. I think four million kids were homeschooled last year, and this year it's expected to more than double to 10 million homeschooling is virtually free. I think the guy was just talking to the One of the associations, and they said the max along that you would spend a year on homeschooling is $600. Theis you is you need a parent to be able to stay home to do it. So maybe it's not the richest family. But Mom or Dad can stay home to home school. That could be a very good option for some families. It's not for everybody. I, for one would not be able to homeschool my kids. I just don't command their attention like that. Um, I'm not a professional. I admit to it. I can't do that. But a lot of other parents can And they are..

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