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All round Geek. And you are listening to the podcast am MC lobster the cash linenger and you're listening to before the million spot cost you're listening to the before the millions podcast or whether you're looking to invest we're cash flow all built an online business that allows you to be location independent. You come to the right place. Mr Hollywood himself presents the before the millions. Podcast now your host. What is going on people? Welcome back back to another episode of the before the millions podcast and have another fantastic guest for you today. His name is Mr Aaron Chapman. But before that if you having subscribed to this podcast be sure to hit. That subscribe button. And secondly if you haven't yet left a review be sure to head over to to Itunes or your podcast directory and make sure you leave a review for this podcast. Five stars are preferred. So let's get into today's episode because what we're talking about is the state of the market post-seaon nineteen things are kind of opening back. Up outside is being available again in small capacity so we want to talk about the real estate market and we'll talk about mortgage rates. We'll talk about is now a good time mortgage rates right now on average for conventional owner about five five and a half percent so is now a good time to lock in those rates. Are It's GONNA go back down or rates steadily GONNA rise up. All of that will be discussed on today's episode so theoretically speaking I went to go. Get this information directly from the Horse's mouth now. Today's guests mister. Aaron Chatman is a veteran with over twenty years of experience in the finance industry and as a loan originator and a sea of loan originators. I think the industry has over three hundred thousand lenders so just imagine. His company ranks number fourteen as a lender so with that kind of expertise in with his post on the financial markets. I wanted to do a deep dive with him on again. The future of interest rates and mortgages and how real estate investors should think about financing after the corona virus pandemic? So this is a fascinating episode. And we're going to get into here shortly. But if you're not already following me on instagram be sure to head over to before the millions dot com for slash instagram or just.

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