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Privy to a name or knowing if it's a chain or franchise or not or just independent. Do you think the general. John jane barbecue eater would know if they're at a chain or an independently owned position. I i think there's two factors to think that i think the the market i can tell you what the ratio is but i think it breaks into two camps. I think one camp probably doesn't know and probably doesn't care you know what they're looking for. Is you know this looks nice. And it looks like it's clean while lead or you know there's nice table tents and things like that and this is what i like and then i think there's a whole another segment of barbecue consumer who A if they think it's a chain going to already be negative Predisposed to are they go in and later find a has the chain they actually enjoying it up to the point where where they say always say. This is a chain right. I don't like as much as i used to. Because in their brain the chain has a has a big impact. One of the curious things that's been happening in the barbecue world lately just in the past ten years or so east not matter who was back in the kitchen right. And who is back manning manning the pits In the back the the the the cooks weren't really famous. If you think about the barbecue empires from twenty thirty years ago. It was the restaurant to zoos names or on that but just in the past ten years with the rise of kraft barbecue. There's been this returned to all the intensity and into wanting to you know. Know your pet master and have a face on there so you you've got this interesting dynamic where the story is becoming very important. And i think that's sorta started work yet to change a little bit and what you've seen is a lot a lot of the big chains that were founded by somebody. The founder went away and then came back. They actually brought the founder back in. So i think. I'm thinking sunny. Tillman with with sonny's barbecue and dave anderson famous. Dave of famous dave's both of them left. Businessmen came back because it's good to have that face of the person That that's a frie- the chain because people want that kind of authenticity in that kind of understanding who's behind this name. Who's doing the cooking. Do you have a thought on who you think. The most underrated barbecue chain is out there. Currently and who the best is now. I really don't. I don't have a the big chains the really large ones. I mean that's one of the the the dynamic change restaurant it's going to be you're not gonna really get usually just terrible food poisoning everything like that. It's usually going to be pretty pretty good quality but it's not gonna be great quality certainly if you look at my top. Fifty list differs living. There's not a whole bunch of chains on. They're the ones that are on. There are the ones that are call early stage. Prochains i think of Pat martin of martin's barbecue joint which has about. It's i think he's closing the ten restaurants in a couple of states. Now and that's one of the ones that i would definitely in my definition of chain And actually with southern living we've been going back and forth the editor's trying to codify definition a little bit to try to figure out what what qualifies as a chain martin's barbecue joint would but i still think they do a lot of things right and they have a lot of of of character and so i think that's one. I'm not sure if it's under any. Because i think it's pretty pretty highly rated but certainly of what are considered the chain. That's where bubble store the top of a of of molest dicky's the biggest at this point. It's a can't ever keep track dicky's as either. The biggest is certainly. I think has it's been expanding rapidly overseas so definitely has like the most countries under its belt for a long time Sonny's which is based in. Florida was the biggest thing. Dickey's is now a clips them Famous dave's is is growing and it's been Private equity money or actually. They're publicly traded company so they they've been growing expanding but i don't think they're quite to the scale of dickey's yet as far as i think. Dickie's is the largest but Just by like store count broader moss. Joining us here on the show talking about chain barbecue anything else you want to add to the chain conversation before we move onto books not not too much other than just i think it's. It's a murky subject and kurdish people. Keep try to keep myself and urged people to keep an open mind when it comes to to chains. But i do think. I think it's just the dynamics or interesting of what happens when a restaurant yo is trying to grow beyond two or three units in somewhere between two and three and the twenty. There's an interesting little sweet spot where you can grow where you can't go ahead and hit up robert moss's website if you want more info on chain barbecue but will transition over to book. Springtime early summertime is the wheelhouse for live fire. Cookbooks and you seem come out by droves certainly this year no stranger to a number of new books. Myron remixing his out with a kito book. Rodney scots out. With finally adrienne miller who we both know and has been a guest number of times here on. The show was out with a book that is doing exceptionally well. As you peruse the landscape of barbecue books that are live. Fire books to the sheer. What sticks out would you like. what don't you like. What's a gimmick. What's not not sure. If i don't like per se because i think there's is a lot of the same one of one of there's some interesting things i think there happening Happening this time around or this year is true. That every seems like every all probably won't bring out the barbecue books in that late. April may timeframe because it's barbecue season in my first thought was well that doesn't make sense. People cook year round. But also more you look at it. You realize that every may Editors in magazines are looking to do barbeque features. So if you have a book coming out right then it's a great way to get press whereas if you bring one out and say november people aren't necessarily going look for it I think it's interesting the way that the the book sort of follow the larger trends of what's going on and you sort of you know it's tough because a book doesn't get published in three three months. It is usually two or three year process from the time that publisher selects the book until the right completes it and they get they get through the publication process but it i think it does reflect some of the trans when one of the things i thought was interesting Coming out this year. There's a patriot. Publishing brought out three books all at one time. And i think it shows just the way that they're I think the rise of sort of branded barbecue equipment is really start to shape. The market so These books are all sort of Well they're based on different things. So one of them. Adam mackenzie book. Did a book called weekend. A weeknights smoking on your traeger. So it's focused particularly on traeger and it has the subtitle other pellet grills but tigers in in big letters and then there's another one bill gillespie sort well-known competition veteran Did a book on. I think so. Hot and fast on your weber spoke mountain cooker So it's really for smokey mountain. They're similar bullet cookers and then There's another one that came out. Same press is really about four fundamentals smoking and it. It looks at the different types of cooker. So it's those are being called out specifically. I think the idea is that you've got a lot of people buying or getting these these these new cookers or grills for the year for either ryan or a gift and then look out in the book to master that that happened last year as well. They're a bunch of books came out that were there. Were focused on that and cures enough. I got hit up a couple of times from folks. Who said hey. Would you like to write a book on on a cooking. On whatever appellant griller various models not passed on them. Because that's just not my thing but publishers are actively out looking for somebody. It's not like some guy. And says i really want right. The ultimate book on the the weber weber kettle. Oftentimes it's weber. Whoever you have the manufacturer is who's actually gone out and looking for someone to a payday smell or no. I guess it depends on on how you look at a you know ones getting rich off off of those books. I mean the best way to make money. You know selling cookbooks. Or selling books to become rich and famous and then write a book The sell out of copies but usually yup sure is going to well. I guess he's so well known but now it's it's. It's not a huge payday for somebody. But you'll pay you'll pay you know. Pay the rent a little bit and it may get you noticing and get lead to other things so it's usually more of a stepping stone. Then a great. I published this one book now. I'm done for five years. Robert got about a minute left. Let me ask you as we transition outta here. Barbecue hall of fame will be announced tomorrow so in no particular order of course Go ahead and give me your nominations. Yes i'm or talk through the diner. Who three picks did you vote. I can't i. Can't i can't reveal that sworn to secrecy. Why not nobody cares one. Vote or anything right. I mean you can tell you. Well if i was just your best nominating committees not not. But i'm happy to talk about. Who who who stands out to you or i mean. There's six of the nine or repeats. Meat heads a third pete in a row. Actually so i mean it's i would say it's certainly admirable for those names to get renominated because they are thrown back into the main holding tank and then basically ry argued for so there's obviously some type of deserve nece there to get put back at absolutely and i think that what my biggest takeaway from the list is strong list down to nine was really tough and we really went back and forth a lot of different things. I think if you look at the new names that are on this list Which i think is all gates at mitchell and joe. Dreger me all three of those. Those guys are legends. and so you know. There's nobody on that list. I don't think anybody would say isn't deserving all famous more just a question of is this the year or do they just hang around in and they'll get it next year So i think at this point it's almost down to Maybe like the full panel who they know better for that. Because i think from a quality standpoint all nine of those the finalists or any pick. You'll you'd have to say that's a pretty good pretty good class of inductees. no doubt about. We're talking with robert. Moss the website robert f moss dot com. Check out the chain barbecue. South dade wrote a bio two. And be sure to tune in right here tomorrow at three pm eastern as the barbecue hall of fame class of twenty twenty one is revealed. Probably always appreciate the time and the inside in the research and we'll do it against all right. Thanks greg. I appreciate you gotta. There is robert moss right. They're breaking it all down when it comes to chain barbecues. Did you know that there was that much information. Of course you didn't. That's why you're tuning in here. To get the best info i thought for. I had him for a hot second on revealing who he was gonna put in for barbecue. But i know derek riches is gonna tell me who he would put into the barbecue hall of fame. He's not on the names committee. He's not in the barbecue hall of fame. Which is the driver for. So i know he's not voting so he'll be happy to give me his thought. But i i will tell you all the good things about green mountain grills proper moss just talked about pella cookers or very popular there are books dedicated the pellet cookers i would imagine next year you will see a number of other barbecue books dedicated to pellet cookers green mountain grills are some of the best helicopters out there on the market right now a couple of different options. If you want to save a couple bucks year a little bit of a frugal backyard warrior. Go ahead and check out the choice line. Now it doesn't have all of the internal me probes and the wi fi can activity and the app access and all this other stuff. But it's still very good on size yet. Jim bowie. That's the biggest one yet. Daniel boone mid-size so if you want to save a few bucks go choice line now. Do you wanna amp up a little bit. You have a couple extra bucks burning a hole in your pocket you can go. Prime plus scott headlamps in the main cooking chamber. It's got a front shelf. it's a little bit. More of a robust build on the chassis peak windows on the main cooking chamber and the pellet hopper to internal be probes the yes wi fi. Yes app connectivity capability. You can increase decrease the temperature of the pit if you ought to all through the app all the good stuff there. That's the prime plus life selling through a dealer network. Forget about that rogue dealer the cosco go through the dealer network near you go to green mountain grill dot com check out. Where the dealer is that. Go get educated into way. Go success right off the bat. They have sauces rubs and all the other stuff to green mound. Girls dot com so visit at check it out and go from there. Green mountain grills were back with derek riches. Right.

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