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Then the young students from across the street sort of befriended her by the name of Lawrence Austin and I persuaded her to let him open operate the theater so they re opened it with Mister Austin at the hell am Mister Austin had a boyfriend that illegitimately became the projectionist even in his sixties and he loved the place you would introduce the films he would ripped the tickets and sell the tickets in one day during the so I've film was called sunrise search shortly after the phone began a young man came from the yeah theater and ask the candy counter girl if they had advance tickets for sale she pointed them to Mister Austin at the box office to which you want up and shot him in the face and killed him instantly of running through the through the theater out the back way so the crime was and solve for the longest time and they it you know fundraisers and go find means the it wasn't called go find me back then but but tutus two very Mister Austin to do tributes for Mister Austin and it was a big deal and and people from LA were outraged and disgusted because of this wonderful situations that they're this wonderful sort of landmark was now in questionable future and it turned out with the the boyfriend had hired this young man to kill his Mister Austin and the candy counter girl so he would inherit the the movie theater. it's a great story and and also Mister Austin it does still haunt that theater he is still most definitely hang around at the come back and talk more about some paranormal experiences you've all tab will also talk about the curse of Benedict canyon and Scott I understand you've got a collection of strange artifacts let's have you explain those when we come back as well Mike Dorsey Scott Michaels our special guest will take some of your haunted questions next hour with both of them their website dearly departed pod dot com that's where you can listen to their podcast dearly departed pod dot com.

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